PIARC International Seminar held in Cotonou (Benin), 21-23 March 2007

Programme of the Seminar

Opening Cermony

Minister of Public Works, Benin
PIARC Secretary General
Chairman of PIACR TC 1.3
Beninese Organizing Committee
(general presentation of the seminar) 

Session 1: Institutional Capacity Building
Chairman: Kjell Bjorvik (Norway)

General overview of the issue

Kjell Bjorvig, Deputy Director General, Norwegian Public Road Administration, Norway 

Mr James Odeck #1
Mrs Marit Langaas #2


Case study 1: Botswana #3

Mr Mokgethi (Botswana)

Case study 2: Tanzania #4

Mr Bishanga (Tanzania)

Case study 3: Benin #5

 Gérard CODJA-Directeur Prospective et Programmation - Ministère Transports et Travaux Publics du Bénin

Session 2: Human Resources Management and Training
Chairman: T.D. Olodo (Benin)

Aims of the session

Têlé David Olodo (Benin) 

Global perspective #6 

Martin Fletcher (Transit New Zealand)

AGEPAR Contribution #7

 Tchona Idossou

 Case study 1: Uganda #8

Peter Ssebanakitta, Commissioner for Roads, Ministry of Works, Housing and CommunicationsUganda 

Case study 2: Benin #9 

Epiphane Wankpo

Case study 3: South Africa #10 

Heidi Harper TC1.3 

Introduction to the workshops

Paul van der Kroon (Chair TC 1.3/wg 2)

Session 2: Human Resources Management and Training (Part 2)

Topic groups - Workshops to identify what are the shortage or gaps in the organization on the proposed Themes

Groups proposed by Benin on the following themes:

The 4 chairmen of French speaking group are :

  1. Théodore GLELE (Bénin)
  2. Hémianon Kapkpo (Bénin)
  3. Bernard LETARTE (Quebec)
  4. Jean Mathieu M'BAUCAUD (Congo)

The chairman of the English speaking group is Martin Fletcher (New Zealand)

Case study 4 : Congo (general background) #11#

Jean Mathieu M'BAUCAUD (Congo) 

Part 3 - Report from the group workshops


Part 4: Introduction to identification of top barriers and potential solution for each barriers
(This part of the session is to give the speakers in the case studies about 10 min. in applying to the potential solution of their cases)

Peter Ssebanakitta (TC 1.3)
Epiphane WANPKO(Benin)
Mrs Heidi Harper (TC 1.3)
Paul van der Kroon (Chair TC 1.3/Wg 2)

Identification of the top barriers to overcome their particular skill/capability shortage; what are the potential solutions for each barrier

Working Groups on the following themes:

  • Public procurement, human resources management in African Institutions,
  • performance based management,
  • contract management,
  • training of the operators in the maintenance sector, road infrastructure operation in developing countries 

Report from the group workshops

Reporter of workshop

Conclusions of Session 2

TC 1.3

Session 3: Governance and Institutional Integrity
Chairing: Théodore GLELE (Benin)

Presentation on the issue of governance#15#

Olaf Vroom (TC 1.3)


Miss Madina FASSASSI (UE)
Sumaryanto WIDAYATIN (Indonésia)
Toussaint AGUY (Côte d'Ivoire)
Ambroise OUEDRAOGO (Burkina Faso)
Gualbert KOUDOGBO (Benin) 

Roundtable on Institutional Integrity

Chairman : Mr Vroom TC 1.3

Conclusions of the Seminar #21# 

Mr Van der KROON TC 1.3

Technical visits
(see details in French version)

Organized by the Beninese Organizing Committee

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