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Traffic management in urban areas and application of ITS

Tokyo, Japan
10 July 2009

In connection with the STB coordination meeting held in Tokyo (Japan) on the invitation of Keiichi Inoue, STB coordinator, the first Seminar organized in cooperation between PIARC and the Road Engineering Association of Asia and Australasia (REAAA) was held on: "Traffic Management in Urban Areas and Application of ITS".


Projection of PIARC Activities in the Future, Franck CHARMAISON, PIARC Deputy Secretary General

Traffic management in urban areas

Congestion in Urban Areas Takashi YAJIMA, PIARC/TCB3 member, Vice President, Institute of Behavioral Sciences

Traffic Management in Urban Areas: Experience of Asian Cities Madan B. REGMI, Ecomomic Affairs Officer, Transport Infrastracture Section, UN ESCAP

Traffic Management by ITS application Hideto HATAKENAKA, PIARC/TCB2 member, Head, ITS R&D Division, Advanced IT Research Center, NILIM

Traffic Management in the Seoul National Capital Area of Korea KANG Jeong-Gyu, The Korea Expressway & Transportation Research Institute