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International Workshop "Mobile Road Surface Condition Measurements in Winter"

11 March 2015, Helsinki (Finland)

This International Workshop was jointly organized by the Technical Committee 2.4 "Winter Service" and the Finish Transport Agency (FTA), preceded by the Technical Committee meeting of Winter Service (TC2.4).

Proceedings of International Workshop

Summary of the Workshop

The workshop was moderated by Mr. Jukka Karjalainen, Maintenance Director of FTA, and Mr. Raimo Tapio, Vice Director General of FTA while acting as Director of Roads of CEDR, made an opening speech. Then the program was initiated by Mr. Mikko Malmivuo from a Finnish consulting company and there were totally 9 presentations from distinguished speakers across the world.

In accordance with the progress of technology, many types of mobile road surface measuring devices are invented and practically used. Mr. Taisto Haavasoja from Teconer indicated the relationship of salty solutions to slipperiness from experimental data and presented the test result from friction measurements on the road. Mr. Daniel Johns from Vaisala introduced several measuring devices with emphasis on the importance of mobile data collection in conjunction with increased availability for road users, and Mr. Jörgen Bogren from Metsense in Sweden showcased the visualization of degree of friction on the road surface, applying a new monitoring device. Then Mr. Renne Tergujeff from VTT Technical Research Centre (Finland) outlined the development and pilot project concerning road slipperiness detection, which is based on dynamic vehicle data, followed by Mr. Tokunaga, Civil Engineering Research Institute for cold region of Japan, who made a presentation about comparative studies of road surface measuring devices from statistical and factual data. Also, Mr. Andreas Ljungberg overviewed the status of the project about Road Surface Information in Sweden.

As for the other presentations, Mr. Horst Badelt from Bast in Germany presented the model of automatic salt spreading in line with the temperature measured by contactless sensors. Also, Mr. Bine Pengal, PIARC Member of Slovenia, introduced the activities of CEDR about winter maintenance standards and finally Rick Nelson, English Secretary of TC2.4, reported the progress of researches for winter service, which were conducted in collaboration of several associations in the U.S.

After presentations and Q&As, the group discussion was held among the entire participants to facilitate intercommunication. One of the interesting findings is that many of experts acknowledge the gap between the progress of technology of measurements and the practical usability for drivers.

International Workshop Program - 11 March 2015
"Mobile road surface condition measurements in winter"

Host: Jukka Karjalainen, Finnish Transport Agency




Opening of the workshop

Raimo Tapio, Finnish Transport Agency

Mikko Malmivuo, Innomiko Oy (Finland)


Mobile road surface condition measurements in different countries
(15 min each + short discussion)

Freezing of Salty Solutions versus Mobile Surface Condition and Friction
Taisto Haavasoja, Teconer Oy

Mobile Weather Data Collection and Lessons Learnt
Daniel Johns, Vaisala (United Kingdom)

MetSense -sensors and results from measurements in Sweden
Jörgen Bogren (Sweden)

Road slipperiness detection based on dynamic vehicle data
Renne Tergujeff (Finland)

A Comparative Study of Road Surface Condition Measurement Devices
Roberto Tokunaga (Japan)

RSI project (Road surface information) in Sweden
Andreas Ljungberg (Sweden)




Other mobile road surface condition measurements and combined studies
(15 min each + short discussion)

German Research Results and Practical Experiences in automatically salt spreading and contactless measurement of road surface conditions
Horst Badelt (Germany)

The results of CEDR Winter Maintenance Group
Bine Pengal

The results of research in this field in the United States
Rick Nelson


Coffee Break and learning café in groups


Main results in learning café


Summary and discussion


End of the Workshop

Slideshow of International Workshop

  • Introduction Speech by Mikko Malmivuo

  • Presentation by Rick Nelson

  • Tribune of the workshop

  • Audience of the workshop