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International Workshop "Risk Management in Traffic and Road Operations"

15-17 April 2015, San Juan (Argentina)

XThe International Workshop on "Risk Management in Traffic and Road Operations" was jointly organized by the Technical Committee 1.5 on Risk Management and the Government of South Australia, and was supported by Austroads and the ARRB group.

Summary of the Workshop

The full one-day workshop consisted of three technical sessions with a large number of participants including experts from governments and the private sector both from Australia and abroad. During the opening session, a welcome address was delivered by Mr. Andrew Excell, Government of South Australia, which was followed by the opening remarks by Prof. Keiichi Tamura, Chair of TC 1.5.

Eight presentations were delivered by Australian and international experts, covering a wide area of risk and emergency management methodologies and applications. Ms. Timmings (South Australia) presented the citizen centric approach for planning of traffic safety measures of the South Eastern Freeway in Adelaide to reduce the fatal traffic accidents. Mr. Berghold (Austria) introduced an evaluation of the influence of natural hazards on the highways in Austria based on a risk management approach, especially rating of natural hazard risks. Ms. Frost (Queensland, Australia) made a presentation on the development of disaster response and recovery process in Queensland after the disasters of 2010, 2011 and 2013. She was followed by Mr. Hinds (Queensland, Australia), who discussed the transport network reconstruction program from the 2013 flood disaster. Further topics were Adelaide's north-south corridor project development through risk management decision making approach by Mr. Dalwood (South Australia, Australia); technology for tunnel safety operation using real time monitoring of the traffic and tunnel condition by Dr. Krieger (Germany); the latest work on the organizational risk management in their entire departments by Ms. Lister (South Australia, Australia); and tsunami countermeasures for the Hanshin Expressway as a part of a comprehensive risk management plan for natural disasters by Mr. Katayama (Japan).

Lastly, in the closing session, Mr. Excell stated the importance of risk management in the current traffic and road engineering practice. On the next day of the workshop, the participants visited the South Australian Traffic Management Centre, where a discussion occurred on their latest control system with driver centric approach

Slideshow of the International Workshop in Adelaide

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