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Virtual International Workshop "Electric Road Systems - National policies and strategies"

04 November 2021, online

Task Force "Electric Road Systems (ERS)" of PIARC organized on November 4th 2021 the third and last ERS workshop, which was focused on National policies and strategies. PIARC invited experts, regulators, public road managers and owners, and researchers for a very interesting workshop which was rich on complementary views regarding electrification with focus on ERS and its national policies and strategies.

The presentations were followed by a very interesting debate.

You can check the previous workshops here:

The international Paris Agreement about the climate challenge (UNFCCC) calls for action in every aspect of the modern society. There is a need for decarbonizing transport all over the world both for freight and passengers. The sector is mobilised, and particularly the road transport, which represents more than 75% of global inland transport.

Electrification of the road systems will be an important solution and contribution for the states to reach their climate goals in reduction of CO2-emissions. Electric Road Systems ("ERS" - also known as dynamic charging) can be one piece in the puzzle of how to reduce the transport systems' contribution to CO2 emissions.

International Workshop Program - 04 November 2021
Electric Road Systems - National policies and strategies
  • Objectives of the webinar and presentation of the PIARC Task Force 2.2 "Electric Road Systems (ERS)" - Jan Pettersson, Chair of PIARC TF 2.2
  • ERS Regulations, policies and strategies in Sweden - Rebecka Johansson, Ministry of Infrastructure
  • ERS in Germany - Policies & Practical Experience - Britta Sommer, VDI/VDE-IT, and Tobias Paulus, Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure
  • A US Perspective on ERS - Tallis Blalack, ASPIRE NSF Research Center
  • Austria's 2030 Mobility Master Plan - Reiner Reinbrech, Federal Ministry for Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology
  • Decarbonisation of Road Freight in the UK - David Cebon, University of Cambridge
  • Development of ERS in China - Chi Xie, Tongji University, and Bo Zou, Associate Professor, University of Illinois
  • Q&A
  • Closing

Video of the International Workshop