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This page lists Routes/Roads articles of PIARC in the field of freight transport. These publications are classified chronologically.

  • Weigh-in-motion for controlling excess loads

    This article describes the French weigh-in-motion system.

  • Impacts from truck traffic on road infrastructure

    This article explores the impact of heavy vehicles in terms of the impact on road pavements (rutting and asphalt pavement wear) and structures. It concludes that the future challenge is reconciling the optimisation of road freight transport with an optimised road facility management strategy.

  • Europe: key challenges and solution strategies for urban freight transport

    This article discusses the challenges and some solutions for urban freight management. It highlights the importance of addressing delivery vehicles in any planning for sustainable cities, the importance of partnerships, and the careful consideration of geography, other transport tasks and logistics chains as factors in the success of initiatives to improve urban freight transport.

  • Greenhouse gas abatement potential in the Australian transport sector

    The article presents recent efforts to identify options that could significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from Australia's transport sector; determine the potential magnitude of emission reductions for each option, both individually and cumulatively; examine challenges to achieving the options' full potential; and investigate any uncertainties, especially concerning their likely effectiveness.

  • Public sector governance of urban freight management

    The article summarizes the findings of an analysis of case studies and presents a partnership based framework to address the challenges of urban freight management.

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