International Seminars on Rural Roads

This page lists the proceedings of international seminars organized by the Technical Committees of PIARC in the field of rural road. These seminars are classified chronologically.

International Seminars of PIARC
  • Tunis (Tunisia), 14-16 November 2018, Best Practices for Earthworks and Rural Roads jointly organized by the by the Tunisian Road Association (ATR) and the Technical Committee D.4 "Rural Roads and Earthworks".
  • Madrid (Spain), 19-20 April 2018, Earthworks in Europe organized jointly by the Technical Committee D.4 "Rural Roads and Earthworks", CEDEX, the General Roads Directorate of the Ministry for Promotion, the Roads Technical Association and ETSI de Caminos C y P de la UPM.
  • Durban (South Africa), 27-29 November 2013, Rural Roads Maintenance organized mainly by the South African National Roads Agency and the Technical Committee 2.5 "Rural Road Systems and Accessibility to Rural Areas".
  • San Salvador (El Salvador), 28-29 November 2012, Rural Roads and development organized jointly by the Government of El Salvador and Technical Committee 2.5 "Rural Road Systems and Accessibility to Rural Areas".
  • Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia), 10-12 March 2011, Sustainable Maintenance of Rurals Roads organized by the Bolivian Administration of Roads (ABC) and the Technical Committee A4 with the support of the Roads Directors Council of Iberia and Ibero-America (DIRCAIBEA).
  • Hyderabad (India), 21-23 January 2010, Sustainable maintenance of Rural Roads organized by the Technical Committee A.4.
  • Rabat (Marocco), 20-21 April 2006, Maintenance of rural roads - Issues and Perspectives organized jointly by the AMPCR (Permanent Moroccan Association for Road Congresses) and the ANAFIDE (National Association of Land Tenure Improvement, Irrigation, Drainage and Environment) with the collaboration of the World Road Association and the CIGR (International Commission of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering).
  • Siem Reap (Cambodia), 28-30 November 2005, Sustainable access and local resource solutions organized by the Technical Committee 2.5 in co-operation with the Royal Government of Cambodia-through the Ministry of Rural Development.
  • Siem Reap (Cambodia), 15-16 May 2002, Rural transport, key element of the development organized by the Technical Committees C3 and C20.

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