Technical Reports Winter Service

This page lists technical reports of PIARC in the field of winter service. These publications are classified chronologically.

  • The Snow and Ice Data Book 2018

    Even though climate change is closely associated with global warming, under the present circumstances it also translates into more extreme weather events. This effect can result in a very mild winter one year followed by a frigid and snowy season the next. Consequently, winter maintenance is very difficult to manage given a context of ever-increasing mobility and declining budgets. We must continue to do our best but with less money. Road network managers must ensure infrastructure remains open [...]

  • International Development of Application Methods of De-icing Chemicals - State of the Art and Best Practice

    Fighting snow and ice on roads with de-icing chemicals is a major task in winter maintenance. On the main road network usually sodium chloride is used all over the world. Various studies and practical experiences have proven the high efficiency of sodium chloride treatments on traffic safety and national economy. The application methods have been enhanced worldwide in the recent few years. Pre wetted salting and applications of only brine are more and more established on roads and also on bicycle [...]

  • Advanced technology for data collection and infomation to users and operator

    The study that is the subject of this report was defined in the PIARC Strategic Plan 2012-2015 approved by the Council of the World Road Association.The report provides brief summaries of projects from around the world, presented in the form of use cases that are representative of innovative ways of collecting, distributing, and making use of mobile data to assist transportation officials in their winter maintenance operations and to provide information to the traveling public.The use cases or case [...]

  • Sustainability and Climate Change Considerations in Winter Operations

    This report has tried to summarize the knowledge of Climate Change Considerations in Winter Operations. The first step to this project was to source relevant literature on climate change and winter maintenance and sort it into six categories; Level of service for road owners, Maintenance of roads, Forecast models (RWIS), Indicators to find the variation of climate and operations, Different methods, and Infrastructure. Of the papers that were sourced 45 were selected and read and sorted into [...]

  • Crisis management of unusually severe and/or sustained snow events

    Extreme winter weather between 2008 and 2015 tested highway winter maintenance arrangements in many parts of the world. Unusually cold weather and significant snow events resulted in significant transport disruption and international media attention. From these challenges arose an opportunity to learn more about, and improve, the service provided to the road user. This report documents the good practice and can be used to aid the further development of winter maintenance resilience. The twenty-two [...]

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