Finance Commission

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Finance Commission

The Finance Commission is responsible for developing and overseeing the implementation of a financial management strategy for the World Road Association. The Commission is also responsible for supervising the accounting system of the Association, the allocation of funds to its various activities and making recommendations on any such matters.

In order to establish appropriate accounting documents, namely: income statement, compared balance sheet, stock portfolios and business plan, the European Union standardised accounting plan will be followed by the General Secretariat.

In order to carry out its role and fulfill its responsibilities, the Commission shall draw up a four-year plan of action to be implemented by the Secretary General.

Goal assigned to the Commission

To put in-place transparent and rigorous financial management of the Association and in the service of its purpose, and to optimise its resources in order to meet future challenges.


  • Put the financial management of the Association in the service of its purpose.
  • Optimise investment performance for the funds managed by the Association.
  • Ensure transparency of financial management.
  • Responsible and effective use of the World Road Association Special Fund. 

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