Technical Reports Road bridges

This page lists technical reports of PIARC in the field of road bridges. These publications are classified chronologically.

  • Bridge Design Toward Improved Inspection And Maintenance

    The principle of designing bridges while having in mind the future inspections and maintenance has often been overlooked in the past, when in the design stage greater emphasis was placed on firstly fulfilling just the "initial requirements" of the bridge – mainly structural safety and serviceability – and secondly minimizing the initial capital cost. This approach has, in many instances, resulted in costly future maintenance which far exceeded the initial capital savings of not considering the [...]

  • Technical and Economic Considerations of Bridge Rehabilitation Methods

    Bridge owners who have to manage their bridge stock are concerned with bridge deficiencies. The main concerns are the degradation of bridge elements due to ageing, accident, and other factors. This is evaluated by the bridge condition index. But bridge owners also have to manage the evolution in the characteristics of the bridge: the original design may no longer be appropriate (number of lanes, load capacity, flooding frequencies, standards and other characteristics). In this case there is a need [...]

  • Damage and Deterioration Assessment Decision-Making for Highway Bridge Safety

    Bridge owners in most countries routinely assess bridge damage and deterioration to ensure the safety of the traveling public and appropriately manage the service life of a bridge. While in service, bridge owners discover damage or deterioration under two main circumstances. Firstly, damage or deterioration resulting over longer periods of time, and secondly damage or deterioration appearing instantaneously. “Triggers” or causes of this damage or deterioration include: environmental impacts, [...]

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