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PIARC (World Road Association), founded in 1909 and comprising 125 member governments from all over the world, is the global forum for exchange of knowledge and experience on roads, road transport policies and practices. With consultative status to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, the Association is contributing to a stable and sustainable global development of the road and transport sector.

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International Workshop "Implementing Innovation – The Critical Step"

26 April 2022,Warsaw (Poland) and online

The international workshop was organized by PIARC via its Technical Committee 1.1 "Performance of Transport Administrations". This event provides information on the implementation of new innovating ideas and solutions on Road and Transport Administrations.

Proceeding of the Workshop

Summary of the Workshop

The challenges and external forces that Road and Transport Administrations are facing are becoming increasingly more complex. To deliver the highest public value and services to society as equitably, as efficiently, and with the highest quality possible, they must embrace and implement a culture of innovation aligned with the organization’s goals, societal megatrends, and focused, for example on technology, process and people. The ability to successfully implement an idea, a new technology, engineering, or service solution, can make all the difference into the public sector’s ability to maximize its delivery of policy goals, provide relevant and useful value to customers and stakeholders and improve the image of the organization. 

The Workshop looked into the keys to the successful deployment and implementation of new innovating ideas and solutions by Road and Transport Administrations, irrespective of whether they are generated from top-down or bottom-up approaches, examined barriers and challenges faced in the successful implementation of innovations, and identified ways to establish whether innovations are having the expected and right impact and to measure their success. 

The different sessions of the Workshop provided practical examples of how different Road and Transport Administrations approach the deployment of innovation within their organization, including from the academic and private sector points of view. The topic is addressed both from the local level, applied to the case of Poland, as well as from international perspectives.

Video of the international Workshop