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International Workshop "Reinforcement of Concrete Bridges with Composite Materials"

06 April 2017, Madrid (Spain)

This International Workshop was organized by the Technical Committee D.3 "Bridges" of PIARC (World Road Association).

Preparatory document for the International Seminar

Workshop Proceedings


  • Jesús Santamaría. Technical Director Roads Dept. - Ministry of Public Works - Spain
  • Kiyohiro Imai. President of the International Bridge Committee. PIARC D.3 - Japan
  • Álvaro Navareño. President of the ATC Bridge Committee - Spain


Existing Bridges in fib model code 2020

Hugo Corres, fib, Spain

Diapos (english)


Moderator: Emilio Criado. Roads Dept., Ministry of Public Works - Spain

1.1 Presentation of the document: "Reinforcement of concrete bridges with composite materials"

Alfonso García Puertas, Task Group Chairman, 1504 Consulting, España

Diapos (spanish)

1.2 Composite Materials. Design & Specifications.

Elena Díaz Heredia, INTEMAC, Spain

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1.3 Flexion Reinforcement.

Carles Cots, VSL, Spain

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1.4 Shear Reinforcement.

José Luis Sánchez, TYPSA, Spain

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1.5 Reinforcement by Confinement.

Ana de Diego, Eduardo Torroja Institute, Spain

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1.6 Service Limit States.

Miguel Ángel Vicente, Burgos University, Spain

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1.7 Construction recommendations & Quality control of existing bridge strengthenings.

Miguel Antonio Arranz, AECOM; Spain

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Moderator: Pablo Díaz, Central Laboratory of Structures CEDEX, Spain

2.1 PIARC & TC D.3 “Bridges” presentations

Kiyohiro Imai, PIARC TC D.3 Chairman, Japan

Diapos (english)

2.2 Practice on Strengthening Existing Bridges with Composite Materials (Switzerland)

Manuel Álvarez,Head of Civil Engineering Structures. Federal Roads Office FEDRO, Switzerland

Diapos (english)

2.3 Experience in FRP strengthening method applied to existing bridges (Romania)

A. Bota, Timisoara University, Romania

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Moderator: Gonzalo Arias, Ines Engineering, Spain

3.1 Repairing The Sac’h Quéven Brideg over the Scorff river.

Laurent Llop, Gestion du Patrimoine, Head of the Division of Bridge Management - CEREMA, France

Diapos (english)

3.2 Execution projects of FRP reinforcements (webs and NSM) in major works: "Puente de las Américas" (Panama)

Ángel Rozas, Freyssenet S.A., Spain

Diapos (spanish)

3.3 Examples of FRP reinforcements in Spain.

Tomás Ripa, LRA Infrastructure Consulting, Spain

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3.4 Seismic Retrofit of the Chamagawa Bridge with Composite Materials (Japan).

Naoki Toyama, Manager of planning division of Honshu Shikoku Bridge Expressway Co., Ltd., Japan

Diapos (english)

3.5 The evolution of FRP usage for bridges in Wisconsin “Guidelines for strengthening concrete in service bridges”. 

Scott Becker, Wisconsin DOT, USA

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3.6 Fiber Carbon strengthening: Application on Chilean bridge,

Marcelo Márquez, Bridges Department. Ministry of Public Works, Chile

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DISCUSSION FORUMLimits & Advantages of this type of Bridge Reinforcement.

Moderator: Tomás Ripa

  • Laurent Llop
  • Naoki Toyama
  • Ángel Rozas
  • Marcelo Márquez


  • Álvaro Navareño, Ministry of Public Work, President of the ATC Bridge Commitee
  • Alfonso GarcíaTask Group Chairman 

The Complet Workshop Proceedings