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Road safety

At the onset of the automobile, road safety has been a subject of heated debate in society. The first International Road Congress in Paris in 1908 discussed the problems associated with the mix of traffic and the need to establish regulations. Since then, security issues have appeared regularly on the agenda of PIARC and the evolution of ideas can be traced in the proceedings of these Congresses.

In 1953 the Association set up a first technical committee on road safety. Activity in this area has continued unabated and intensified in the next century. The first works of this committee were published on the occasion of the World Road Congresses. Since 1991 technical reports are published independently of Congresses.

  • Technical Reports

    Technical reports prepared by the Technical Committees in the field of Road Safety

  • Road safety manual

    An electronic manual for all technicians and managers concerned about road safety issues

  • Seminars

    Proceedins of the seminars organised by the Association in this area

  • UN decade of action

    To be informed of the global action plan and its implementation

Latest Technical Reports

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