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Road Safety

Beijing (People's Rep. of China)
18-20 October 2005

This Seminar was organized by the Ministry of Communications of the People's Republic of China (Research Institute of Highway, Road Safety Research Center, Traffic Engineering Supervision and Testing Center) and PIARC (C3.1).

Thanks to the considerable committment of the PIARC Technical Committee on Road Safety, especially the Chair Hans-Joachim Vollpracht, this Seminar met a frank success with more than 200 participants.

After two days of presentations and very interesting roundtable discussions, the participants visited the Ba Dalin Surveillance Centre and the reconstructed section of Ba Dalin Expressway. They also had the opportunity to walk on the Great Wall.



Programme of the Seminar


Welcome address

Feng Zhenglin, Vice Minister of MOC (China)

Presentation (15Ko)

Role and activities of the World Road Association (PIARC)

Jean-François Corté, PIARC Secretary General (France)

Presentation (2071 Ko)

Keynote lecture

Zhang Jianfei, Director of Highway Department, MOC (China)

Presentation (1713 Ko)

SESSION 1: Road Safety Policy: Improving road safety through policy and regulation

MODERATORS: Hans-Joachim Vollpracht & Zhang Jianfei

Policy of road safety in Canada-Québec

Anne-Marie Leclerc, Deputy Vice-Minister (Canada-Québec)

Presentation (1054 Ko)

Policy for road safety in Pakistan

Tariq Mahud, Secretary of State (Pakistan)

Presentation (532 Ko)

Policy for road safety in the USA

Elizabeth Alicandri, Director, FHWA Office of Safety Programs (United States)

Presentation (208 Ko)

Road Safety Enhacement Project in China

Wang Xiaoman, Deputy Director, Research Institute of Highway, MOC (China)

Presentation (10217 Ko)

Policy for road safety in the Netherlands

Petra de Roover, Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management (Netherlands)

Presentation (576 Ko)

Policy for road safety in Greece

Anastasios Tsaglas (Greece)

(53 Ko)

Road safety situation in China

Su Jie, State Administration of Work Safety (China)

Presentation (504 Ko)

Road safety situation and policy in Japan

Yoshitaka Motoda, Professor (Japan)

Presentation (637 Ko)

The issues of PIARC TC3.1 in the Road Safety Policy Circle

Hans-Joachim Vollpracht, PIARC TC3.1 Chairman (Germany)

Presentation (700 Ko)

SESSION 2: Network Safety Management: Improving road safety through engineering

MODERATORS: Patrick Mallejacq & Dai Dongchang

Road safety management and data systems

Joseph Mikulik (Czech Republic)

Presentation (581 Ko)

Methods and tools of analyzing road safety data

Peter Hollo (Hungary)

Presentation (313 Ko)

Engineering measures for improving road safety

Chen Shengying, Ministry of Communications (China)

Presentation (1676 Ko)

Public-private projects initiating road safety inspections as a basic investigation in road safety improvements of existing road - Peter Elsenaar (GRSP)

Presentation (1002 Ko)

Jingjintang Expressway safety evaluation: a case study of traffic accident problems in Chinese freeways

Sun Xiaoduan, Professor, University of Louisiana (China)

Presentation (3641 Ko)

Low cost safety improvements/ Safety deficiencies and remedies in the existing road network

Phil Allan, Director of Road Safety (Australia)

Presentation (2968 Ko)

Technical characteristics of highway safety enhancement project on national road 109

Fang Ping, Deputy Director of Beijing Roadway Administration Bureau (China)

Presentation (5128 Ko)

SESSION 3: Road safety design: Improving road safety through planning

MODERATORS: Steve Lee & Zhang Yuanfang

Road safety audit overview/ the different structures of Road Safety Audits

Mike Greenhalgh (UK)/ Lise Fournier (Canada-Québec)

Presentation (1258 Ko)

Road safety audits in China

He Yong, Director, Road Safety Research Center, MOC (China)

Presentation (4905 Ko)

Road safety audits in Denmark

Laurus Augustsson (Denmark)

Presentation (624 Ko)

The application of road safety audit in China

Guo Zhongyin, Professor, Tongji University (China)

Presentation (790 Ko)

Safe & unsafe roadway designs for interurban roads

Ake Larsson (Sweden)

Presentation (931 Ko)

Safe & unsafe roadway designs for urban roads

Hans-Joachim Vollpracht (Germany)

Presentation (5280 Ko)

Road safety problems and solutions in Chinese cities

Zhai Zhongming, Beijing Traffic Management Bureau (China)

Presentation (239 Ko)

Current and emerging safety deficiencies on metropolitan area freeways in the USA

Jerry Champa State of California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) (US)

Presentation (168 Ko)

SESSION 4: Roadway Safety Manual: Improving road safety through applying guidance

MODERATORS: Pascal Chambon & Guo Zhongyin

Overview of the Road Safety Manual (RSM)

Carl Belanger (Canada-Québec)

Presentation (1944 Ko)

RSM in China

Tang Chengcheng, Deputy Director, Road Safety Research Center, MOC (China)

Presentation (135 Ko)

Planned enhancements of the RSM

Eddy Westdijk (Netherlands)

Presentation (1565 Ko)

Weather disaster and road safety in China

Bao Zuojun, Deputy Director, Road Safety Research Center, MOC (China)

Presentation (1512 Ko)

How to spread information about road safety measures

Ruth Rule (UK)

Presentation (310 Ko)

Road safety in foggy areas in China

Li Guofeng (China)

Presentation (678 Ko)

Human factors in road safety

Pan Xiaodong, Professor, Tongji University China

Presentation (1135 Ko)

Human factors in the RSM

Sibylle Birth (Germany)

Presentation (1115 Ko)

Study on driving safety support systems based on driver behaviour

Li Keqiang, Professor, Tsinghua University (China)

Presentation (369 Ko)


Wrap up and conclusions

Jean-François Corté, PIARC Secretary General

Zhang Jianfei, Director of the Road Bureau, MOC & PIARC First Delegate for China

Preliminary information