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This page lists Routes/Roads articles of PIARC in the field of project management. These publications are classified chronologically.

  • The first Latvian national road network (1918-1938)

    The 20 th century is particularly significant in Latvian history. During this period, unquestionable progress was made in the development of society. Major transformations took place in various fields. Initially it was a fight for survival, intertwined with an effort to preserve the Latvian nation as a community, as well as its culture. The three most significant dates of the 20 th century for Latvia were 1918, 1940 and 1991, marking the creation, destruction and renewal of an independent state. [...]

  • Introductory article: new developments in the evaluation of road projects

    The papers in this volume give a good insight of the broad range of tasks to be addressed by the scientific community and the responsible persons in charge in the road administrations.

  • Preliminary feasibility study for road projects incorporating balanced regional development

    This article presents the preliminary feasibility study (PFS), introduced in 1999 in Korea. PFS has induced informed decision in the budget allocation, enhancing efficiency of fiscal management by checking starts of unnecessary projects at their early stages. Due to its successful implementation, the PFS has been expanded to appraisals for local government projects and non-infrastructure programs, such as R & D and social programs, leading to improved public inquiry process.

  • "Best innovation" Prize, Maurice Milne Medal

    "Best innovation" Prize, Maurice Milne Medal

  • Introducing PIARC Prizes

    Introducing PIARC Prizes

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