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International Seminar "Use of Recycled Materials in Paving"

20-22 September 2021, online organised from Buenos Aires (Argentina)

This international seminar was jointly organised by PIARC via its Technical Committee 4.1 "Pavements" and the Argentine Roads Association (AAC), as the Argentine National Committee of PIARC (World Road Association). This event took place from September 20th to 22nd in 100% virtual mode due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

During this seminar, more than 15 speaker presented various experiences on the reuse of recycled materials in pavements and case studies from different parts of the world on the matter.

International Seminar Program - 20-22 September 2021
Use of Recycled Materials in Paving

Day 1 - 20 September 2021

  • 09h30-09h50 Recycling of asphalt pavements with portland cement and hydraulic binders - Raúl López, Gustavo Bolla
  • 09h50-10h10 Recycling with cement in Castilla y Leon - Jesús Díaz Minguela
  • 10h10-10h30 Q&A and debate - Modera: Diego Calo
  • 10h30-11h00 Break and networking session
  • 11h00-11h20 Cold in-place recycling with cement-EN4 - Eugénia Correia, Anabela Martins, Pedro Carvalho, Helder Lourenço
  • 11h20-11h40 Development and evolution of cold in-place recycling with cement in Uruguay - David Fontans, Magdalena Pastorini, José Luis Martucci, Nicolás Vaz, Luis León
  • 11h40-12h00 Recycling practices for airport pavement construction - Emanuele Toraldo
  • 12h00-12h30 Q&A and debate - Modera: Diego Calo

Day 2 - 21 September 2021

  • 09h00-09h20 Sustainable road rehabilitation, solution using reclaimed asphalt - Naailah Mia
  • 09h20-09h40 Recycling and reuse of asphalt mixes; Camino del Buen Ayre highway project - Alejandro Bisio, Lisandro Daguerre
  • 09h40-10h00 Organizing asphalt recycling/The information center for recycling of asphalt in Norway - Joralf Aurstad
  • 10h10-10h30 Q&A and debate - Modera: Francisco Lucas
  • 10h30-11h00 Break and networking session
  • 11h00-11h20 Foam recycling case study in the province of Buenos Aires - Pablo Morano, Omar Appolon
  • 11h20-11h40 Uruguayan Experience in Rehabilitation of Flexible Pavements with Foam Asphalt - Horacio García Terra, Lucio Borelli
  • 11h40-12h00 Highly-modified binder with 40-50% recycled asphalt with warm-mix foaming technology - Nicolas Bueche
  • 12h00-12h30 Q&A and debate - Modera: Juan Campana

Day 3 - 22 September 2021

  • 09h00-09h20 Economical Concrete with Recycled Concrete Aggregate provides broader sustainability benefits in Texas - Gina Ahlstrom
  • 09h20-09h40 Performance improvements in rigid pavements with recycled concrete aggregate - Edgardo Becker
  • 09h40-10h00 Recycling RAP in concrete roads - Thierry Sedran
  • 10h10-10h30 Q&A and debate - Modera: Alejandro Bisio
  • 10h30-11h00 Break and networking session
  • 11h00-11h20 Design of special asphalt mixes with "modified" RAP - Mario Jair, Damián Giménez
  • 11h20-11h40 Half-Warm Asphalt Mixtures with Emulsion - Francisco José, Lucas Ochoa
  • 11h40-12h00 Cold recycled asphalt mixture with emulsified asphalt-recycling agent - Luis Miguel, Gutierrez Klinsky
  • 12h00-12h30 Q&A and debate - Modera: Pablo Bolzan
  • 12h30-13h00 Conclusions and Seminar wrap-up - Mario air, Margo Briessinck, Nicolas Berretta

Videos of the International Seminar

Day I

Day II