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International Seminar "Achieving Successful Road Transportation Through Effective Management and Organization"

25-26 April 2018, Beijing (China)

This International Seminar was organized and hosted by the China Academy of Transportation Sciences (CATS) in cooperation with the Technical Committee A.1 "Performance of Transport Administrations" of the World Road Association (PIARC) and with the support and guidance of the Ministry of Transport (MOT) of P.R. China. It was held in Beijing, CHINA from April 25-26, 2018 and was dedicated to the exchange of knowledge on the establishment of tools to measure the performance of Transport Administrations and on best practices for good governance.

Preparatory documents for the International Seminar

Summary of the Seminar

Transport administrations need to start defining themselves not just by the assets that they own, but by their services, customer's expectations and how their actions can positively impact the public's quality of life.

That was one key conclusion of a successful seminar hosted by the China Academy of Transportation Sciences (CATS) in cooperation with Technical Committee TCA.1 "Performance of Transport Administrations" and support of the People's Republic of China Ministry of Transport (MOT). The seminar was held in Beijing, April 25-26, 2018 and brought together over 100 attendees from government, universities, research institutes and private sector representing 14 countries and 20 regions of China.

CATS President Shi Baolin opened the seminar, highlighting transportation achievements in China in recent years. He stressed the seminar's purpose was to exchange ideas and experiences and to promote the healthy and steady development of the transport sector in what many are calling the "golden age of transport."

Deputy Director General Kong Qingxue, Highway Department of MOT, provided the keynote address. He stated Chinese experience shows that construction of transport infrastructure creates economic development opportunities at all levels. He also emphasized the need to work together to strengthen mutual learning and information sharing in order to improve global transport performance.

Mr. José Manuel Blanco Segarra, TCA.1 Chair gave an overview of the activities of PIARC including the outputs of TCA.1 and current work program.

The Seminar included three Plenary Sessions, two focusing on the development of transportation in China and internationally, namely "Current State and Future Prospects" and "Achieving Successful Outcomes through Transport Planning and Reform".The third was focused on international experiences on transport governance and included two Panel Discussions, on "Institutional Reform and Innovation," and "Technology and Innovation Driving New Business Models and Value Chains in the Transport Sector".

Over 20 speakers shared views on issues such as good planning, institutional integrity, integrated multimodal transportation, disruptive technologies, CAVs, smart mobility, the shared economy, and customer-centric business models. The speakers shared the latest ideas, practical experiences and technological innovations in various countries and engaged in Q&A on hot topics.

In closing Mr. Blanco highlighted the following:

  • The road network is an economic and social asset, not just a physical one, and should be considered under the Roads as a Service (RaaS) concept.
  • Communication, collaboration and planning between agencies, transport modes, harmonizing central government directives and local actions, are essential.
  • Doing more of the same is no longer acceptable. New ideas, disruptive trends and business models should be embraced.
  • The shared economy is coming and the opportunities and challenges it will bring must be addressed.

In closing, all agreed that much progress has been made in transport in China and globally, but more remains to be done, with "the outcomes of tomorrow determined by the choices we make today."

The Seminar concluded on April 27, 2018 with a technical visit to the Beijing Transportation Operations Coordination Center, the Jin'anqiao station of the Maglev S1 rapid transit rail line, and ofo's electronic fence around the Chongwenmen station.

International Seminar Program - 25-26 April 2018
Achieving Successful Road Transportation through Effective Management and Organization

Day 1 - April 25, 2018

9:00-10:00 - Opening Ceremony

  • SHI Baolin, President of China Academy of Transportation Sciences (CATS)
  • KONG Qingxue, Deputy Director General of Highway Department, MOT, P. R. China
  • Introduction - José Manuel BLANCO SEGARRA, Chair of TC A.1 Performance of Transport Administrations (Spain)

Plenary session I: The Transport Challenge in China-Current State and Future Prospects
Moderator: SHI Baolin, President of China Academy of Transportation Sciences (CATS)


10:40-10:50 Questions and Answers

10:50-11:10 Coffee Break


11:50-12:00 Questions and Answers

12:00-12:15 Group Photo

12:15-14:00 Buffet Lunch

Plenary session II: Achieving Successful Outcomes through Transport Sector Planning and Reform
LI Zhongkui, Director of Research Management Division, CATS


15:20-15:40 Questions and Answers

15:40-16:00 Coffee Break


17:20-17:50 Questions and Answers

18:00-20:00 Buffet Dinner

Day 2 - April 26, 2018

Plenary session III: International Perspectives on Transport Governance
Christos Savvas XENOPHONTOS, Assistant Director, Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT), USA / TC A.1


10:00-10:20 Questions and Answers

10:20-10:40 Coffee Break


12:00-12:20 Questions and Answers

12:20-14:00 Buffet Lunch

Panel Discussion: China-International Rolling Panels on Joint Transport Sector Experience
: Jason CHANG, Professor of Taiwan University

14:00-15:45 - Panel discussion 1: Institutional Reform and Innovation
Panel experts:
YU Shengying (China), WANG Wei (China), Jonathan SPEAR (Singapore), Michel DÉMARRE (France), Anna WILDT-PERSSON (Sweden), Natalie FORSYUK (Ukraine)

Questions and Answers

15:45-16:00 Coffee Break

16:00-17:45 - Panel discussion 2: Technology and Innovation Driving New Business Models and Value Chains in the Transport Sector
Panel experts:
SONG Zhongjie (China), WANG Zeqiong (China), YIN Zhifang (China), Christos Savvas XENOPHONTOS (Rhode Island), Anne-Severine POUPELEER (Belgium), Niels TØRSLEV (Denmark)

17:45-18:00 - Closing Ceremony: José Manuel BLANCO SEGARRA (Spain) and SHI Baolin (China)

18:00-20:00 Buffet Dinner

Slideshow of the International Seminar in Beijing

  • Tribune of the seminar

  • Audience of the seminar

  • Audience of the seminar

  • Audience of the seminar

  • Tribune of the seminar

  • Tribune of the seminar

  • Group photo of the seminar

  • Group photo of the seminar