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This page lists publications (Routes/Roads articles, Congresses proceedings) of PIARC in the field of winter service. These publications are classified chronologically.

  • XXVI World Road Congress – Abu Dhabi, October 2019 Connecting Cultures, Enabling Economies - General Report

    The General Report of the XXVI World Road Congress has been prepared by GHD under contract with the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport, on behalf of the United Arab Emirates. It has not been possible to include the conclusions of all sessions in this report. They will be available from PIARC’s website.

  • Can we trust the road sensors for winter service?

    This article describes a 5-year collaborative Nordic project was launched by NordFoU in 2014, under the title ROad STate MOnitoring System (ROSTMOS), with representatives and experts from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and partly Finland to map and implement the challenges faced by Nordic road authorities when using sensors.

  • Environmental impact of practices and storage protocols relative to deicing agents

    The scope of this study is to learn more about the impact of storing sodium chloride-type deicing agents on the natural environment while assessing the environmental impact of the most recent "best practices" (e.g. management mode, investment) in an effort to minimize the loss of deicing agents. The conclusions seek to set forth practical and quantitative guidelines to managing such sites more optimally. The data generated as part of this study may thus help guide, prioritize and justify future [...]

  • Exceptional Snow Removal Effort at Bonneval-sur-Arc, France

    Departmental Highway 902, which crosses the Iseran pass via the Maurienne Valley in France’s Savoy Department, is heavily exposed to avalanches over its final section, lying between Bessans and Bonneval-sur-Arc.

  • Sweep-Salting - A Method for Winter Maintenance of Bicycle Paths in Sweden

    A high winter maintenance service level could encourage more people to cycle during winter – with environmental and health benefits as a result. It is also important considering the safety of cyclists. According to accident analysis, eight out of ten bicycle crashes in Sweden are single bicycle crashes and the most common cause in wintertime is slipperiness caused by ice or snow. In the springtime, a common accident cause is slipperiness due to grit from winter maintenance. Instead of traditional [...]

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