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Urban Pavements

Cracow (Poland), 21-22 September 2005

This seminar was organized by the Technical Committee 4.3.


List of participants





Welcome and Introduction

Grzegorz Maletka, Director of the Department of Public Roads, Ministry of Infrastructure

Tadeusz Trzmiel, Deputy Mayor of the city of Cracow

Nelson Rioux, Chairman of Committee C4.3

Dariusz Sybilski, Deputy Director of the Road and Bridge Research Institute

Slides (English). Presentation of Mr Rioux

SESSION 1 - Urban infrastructures: who is involved with that resources?
Chairman: Mr Dariusz Sybilski

Upgrading of gravel roads to surfaced roads project in Greater Johannesburg 2002-2005

Hennie Van der Schyff
South Africa

Slides (English)

Viewpoint of the Association of French local engineers in France on the technical urban governance

Guy Beurier

Slides (French)

The history of urban roads

Jerzy Duda

Slides (English)

SESSION 2 - Issues and specific characteristics of urban roads
Chairman: Bystrik Bezak

Transportation problems in urban planning

Wieslaw Wankowicz

Slides (English)

Road safety in urban environments

Thomas Fessl

Slides (English)

SESSION 3 - Design of urban roads within public areas
Chairman: Guy Beurier

Sharing the urban road space

Bystrik Bezak

Slides (English)

Planning of public areas

Marcel Smets


General debate - Sessions 1 to 3
Chairman: Marcel Smets

SESSION 4 - Specific techniques and innovation
Chairman: Jean-Michel Piau

Pavement surface materials used in urban areas

Egbert Beuving
the Netherlands

Slides (English)

Surface public transportation platforms

Catherine Pankowska

Slides (English)

Urban concrete paving and photocatalytic pavement blocks: environmental friendly solutions for the future?

Anne Beeldens


SESSION 5 - Contribution to sustainable development
Chairman: Yasumasa Torii

Road Asset Management: example of the city of Zurich (Switzerland)

Martin Bürgi

Slides (English)

Integration of tracked transport in the urban environment

Sally Ellis
United Kingdom

Slides (English)

Eco-friendly pavements in urban areas 

Nagato Abe

Slides (English)

SESSION 6 - Road sites and operations on network
Chairman: Benoit Verhaeghe

Urban pavement constraints and trench treatment

Christine Leroy

Slides (English)

The impact of road construction and maintenance activities on road users and the adjacent land use

David Hein

Slides (English)

Processing of urban road construction projects: the case of the city of Vienne (Austria)

Herwig Klinke

Slides (English)

General debate - Sessions 4 to 6
Chairman: Jean-Pierre Christory

Synthesis and Conclusions

Nelson Rioux, Dariusz Sybilski, Jean-Michel Piau et Jean-Pierre Christory (AIPCR/PIARC TC4.3)