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Technical Reports Earthworks

This page lists technical reports of PIARC in the field of road earthworks. These publications are classified chronologically.

  • Measures for Improving Resilience of Pavements - A PIARC Collection of Case Studies

    This report contains a collection of case studies related to measures to improve the resilience of pavements. Most of the measures address the impacts of climate change, such as increased precipitation and extreme temperatures. However, the case studies also explore how to make pavement more resilient to traffic-related impacts, including through the use of innovative materials. The full report on “Measures for improving resilience of pavements” by TC 4.1 Pavements will refer to these case [...]

  • Resilience of Earth Structures

    This case study compilation tries to give a deeper insight on the topic “Increasing Resilience of Earth Structures to Natural Hazards” assigned to WG1 of PIARC TC 4.3 as part of the 2020-2023 Work Programme. For the production of this report, relevant case studies related to resilience in earth structures have been requested from all the members of PIARC TC 4.3 and also from non-PIARC experts. The case studies that have been submitted give an idea of what the academic and technical community [...]

  • Techniques and Innovations in Earthworks

    This report presents the summary of thirty-six cases studies compiled by Working Group 2 of Technical Committee 4.3 under the theme “Techniques and Innovations in Earthworks“. This document will be further developed as part of the 2020-2023 Work Cycle and is expected to be accompanied by one additional document in publication, a full report. The information contained herein provides general insight, innovative techniques, and unique solutions to problems related to earthworks and earth structures [...]

  • Use Of Recycled Materials In Pavements - Briefing note

    Back in 2003, PIARC published a report from Technical Committee C7/8 on “Pavement Recycling”. This report contains guidelines for in-place recycling with cement, emulsion or foamed bitumen and hot mix recycling in a plant. The current briefing note is the final part of a set of three reports on the “Use of Recycled Materials in Pavements”. This briefing note contains the conclusions and recommendations on recycling pavement materials deriving from the previous “Literature Review” and [...]

  • Earthworks Manual - Specific technical developments – 2E – Environmental aspects

    Any development project has an impact on the three pillars of sustainable development: environment, economy, and society. Earthworks is a key stage in dealing with and optimising this impact in road infrastructures. At the design and preliminary project level , it is necessary to choose the route that will avoid the impact on the environment and to develop the project that will allow the best possible integration into the landscape. The preservation of biodiversity, the protection of natural [...]