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Reducing the Carbon Footprint in Road Construction

New Dehli (India), 17-19 February 2011

The Seminar is organized jointly by the PIARC Technical Committee A.1 "Preserving the environment" and the Indian Roads Congress with the support of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India.

Seminar proceedings


Theme 1: Road development programme in India

Development of Road Infrastructure in India
Kamlesh Kumar, Chief Engineer Government of India.

Theme 2: Determination of the carbon footprint of road works

Chair persons:
- Shri Nirmaljit Singh;
- Mrs Lisa Rossiter;

Review of a Toolkit for GHG Emissions Mitigation in Road Construction and Rehabilitation in East Asian Developing Countries
Fei Den & Arnab Bandyopadhyay, The World Bank.

A Review of Worldwide Road Construction Carbon Accounting Practices and Outstanding Challenges
Simon Price, Chair Technical Committee A1 - Director for Sustainability, Gifford LLP.

Impact of Highway widening on carbon foot print
Sunil Kumar Chaudhary, Road construction dept. Patna, India.

Assessing Greeenhouse Gas Emissions in Road Construction: an example of Calculation Tool for Road Projects
Susanna Zammataro, Deputy Director General, IRF Geneva.

Theme 3: Road design for reduction of the carbon footprint

Chair persons:
- Mr Simon Price;
- Maj. V. C. Verma;

Carbon Footprint in Road Construction - A Comparative Study of some Alternate Type Constructions
Dr P. K. Nanda, Intercontinental Consultants and Technocrats Pvt. Ltd.

Environmental Assessment of Road Pavements - the French Experience
Dr Agnès Jullien, IFSTTAR.

Applying the Concept of Sustainable Development to the Construction of New Pavements and Optimization of Subgrade and Pavement Design
Jean-François Corté, World Road Association's Secretary General.

"StrataWeb" Geocells: a Three Dimensional Cellular Confinement System
Supriyo Choudhary, Strata Geosystems (India) Pvt.Ltd, Mumbai.

Theme 4: Innovative bituminous techniques to reduce energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Chair persons:
- Shri A. V. Sinha;
- Mr Mike Savonis;

Warm Bituminous Mixes
Dr Sunil Bose, Ambika Behl, Girish Sharma, Gajendra Kumar, Central Road Research Institute.

Bitumen Emulsions and the Environment
Etienne le Bouteiller, Executive Director & A.S Prabhakar,IBEF.

High Temperature Solar Thermal Energy for Asphalt Plants
Jean Beauverd
, Colas Suisse S.A.

Warm mix asphalt - Production of Low-Energy Asphalt with Continuous and/or Batch Mix Production Plants
Jacques Bonvallet, Blesson Varghese , FAYAT.

Introduction to warm mix asphalt (WMA)
Ron Stover,Vice Precident, Asia Pacific Speciality Chemical Devision.

Indian Experiences on Microsurfacing: An Innovative Technology for Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Sanjay Deori,Central Road Research Institute.

WMA a New Coating Method to give the same Performances as HMA, but with Low Temperature
Ferhat Hammoum, IFSTTAR.

Theme 5: Use of local materials

Chair persons:
- Shri A. D. Narain;
- Shri N. K. Sinha;
- Mr Hirofumi Onishi;

Application of Geo-naturals in Highway Construction for Mitigation of Carbon Footprint
Joyanta Maity, Dr B.C Chattonpadhay, Meghnad saha Institute of Technology, Kolkata, Dr S.P Mukhejee, Jadavpur University, Kolkata.

Sustainable Blended Cement for Reduction of Carbon Footprint derived from Leather Fleshing as a Constituent Material for Road Construction
Dr.S.Gangopadhyay, Prof.Asit Baran Mandal, Prof.Devadas Manoharan, Dr.C.Rose, Dr.U.Mani, C.Kamaraj, CSI.

Earthworks and Environmental Monitoring - A case study
Dr Agnes Jullien, Adiran Capony, Michel Dauvergne, Tristan Lorino, Bogdan Muresan Paslaru, IFSTTAR.

Main Road RN7 between La Pacaudière and Changy (France) : A High Performance Treated Capping Layer at the Limit of the Specifications
Stephan Bernhard

An Enzyme based Solution for Reducing the Carbon Footprint in Road Construction in India
Michael Kedam
, i-Tech-India.

Application of the Vetiver Grass for Erosion Control
Shantanoo Bhattacharya
, Executive Engineer,PWD, Assam.

Use of Local Materials - State of Practise in USA
James Pappas
, Delaware DOT - AAHSTO.

Theme 6: Recycling and preservation of fossil resources

Chair persons:
- Shri S. B. Bashu;
- Mr Jean-François Corté;

Asphalt Preservation as a Means of Reducing Carbon Footprint in the Road Construction Industry
Keith Rogers, ASI solutions PLC.

Hot-In-Situ Recycling of Bituminous Roads In Delhi - A Case Study
Er M C T Pareva
, Public Works Department, Govt of Delhi.

Typology of Hot Mix and Warm Mix Recycling Solutions in Batch Mix and Continuous Production Plants
Jacques Bonvallet, Blesson Varghese, FAYAT.

Saving Non-Renewable Resources Using Recycling Processes
Etienne le Bouteiller
, Colas.

The Benefits of Reclaimed Materials
Mike Savonis, FHWA.

Panel discussion

Green Contracts
Simon Price, Chair Technical Committee A1 - Director for Sustainability, Gifford LLP.