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International Seminar "Best Practices for Earthworks and Rural Roads"

14-16 November 2018, Tunis (Tunisia)

This International Seminar was jointly organized by the Tunisian Road Association (ATR) and the Technical Committee D.4 "Rural Roads and Earthworks" of the World Road Association (PIARC).

Preparatory documents for the International Seminar

Seminar Proceedings

International Seminar Program - 14-16 November 2018
Best Practices for Earthworks and Rural Roads

Day 1 - 14 November 2018

8:00-9:30 - Registration

9:30-11:00 - Opening session

  • Welcoming speech - Kaouther Machta, Responsible of the Seminar, Tunisian Road Association
  • Tunisian Road Association President - Slah Zouari, First delegate PIARC in Tunisia
  • Opening speech - Head cabinet of the Minister of Equipment housing and spatial planning (Tunisia)
  • PIARC Technical Committee (TC) D.4 - Rural Roads and Earthworks - Roberto Sandóval Farfán, Chair TC D.4

11:00-11:30 - Tea / Coffee Break

Technical Session I: Experiences in the Management of Rural Roads and Earthworks in the region and future challenges
Chair: Ghazi chérif

11:30 à 13:00

Questions & Answers and Debate Session

13:00-14:30 - Lunch Break

Technical Session II: Earthworks and paved roads
Chair: Sami Montassar

14:30 à 16:20

Questions & Answers and Debate Session

16:20-16:40 - Tea / Coffee Break

16:40 à 17:40 - Round Table: Adaptation of climate change on earthworks and rural roads
Moderator: Aida Bergaoui (Tunisia)


  • Véronique Berche, PIARC TC D.4
  • Guy Raoul, PIARC TC D.4
  • Kamel Zaghouani (Tunisia)
  • Sabrime Boubaker (Tunisia)

17:40-17:50 - Conclusions of the Day: Kaouther Machta and Roberto Sandoval

18:00 - End of Sessions

Day 2 - 15 November 2018

Technical Session III: Framework, project requirements and maintenance
Chair: Véronique Berche


Questions & Answers and Debate Session

11:00-11:20 - Tea / Coffee Break

Technical Session IV: Best Practices for planners and professionals in the development and sustainability of rural access through the use of alternative materials
Chair: Sami Montasser


Questions & Answers and Debate Session

13:00-14:30 - Lunch Break

Technical Session V: Sustainable earthworks and rural roads
Chair: Sarra Zenzri


Questions & Answers and Debate Session

16:00- 16:20 - Tea / Coffee Break

16:20-17:30 - Final Session 
Round Table: La sécurité dans les routes rurales
Moderator: Robin Sebille


  • Saloua Triki (Tunisie)
  • Ahmed Ksontini (Tunisie)

17:30-18:00 - Closing Session

  • Technical Conclusions of the Seminar - Kaouther Machta et Roberto Sandoval
  • Honors and Closing Ceremony - Slah Zouri, General director of infrastructure, Ministry of Equipment housing and spatial planning (Tunisia)

20:00-23:00 - Gala Dinner

Day 3 - 16 November 2018

07:30-15:30 - Technical Visit: X20 Earthworks Road

The X20 bypass serves to decongest the primary network of the city of Tunis. With a line of 12.5 km, it crosses urban areas, national roads and railways. Earthworks have a volume of 1,450,000 m3.

It is 10 km far from the hotel of the seminar. A bus will take the visitors from Golden Tulip Hotel to the site. The visit will last half a day and we will have lunch near the site.