Technical Reports Road pavements

This page lists technical reports of PIARC in the field of Road pavements. These publications are classified chronologically.

  • Innovative Pavement Maintenance and Repair Strategies

    This report contains the collection of case studies related to innovative pavement maintenance and repair strategies of road pavements. This report addresses different pavement types i.e. flexible and (semi-)rigid pavements - as well as different road types. It considers both functional and structural aspects. The report covers innovation aspects on a technical level, such as the use of special or innovative materials, or the use of specific maintenance techniques, as well as innovative and strategic [...]

  • Use Of Recycled Materials In Pavements - Briefing note

    Back in 2003, PIARC published a report from Technical Committee C7/8 on “Pavement Recycling”. This report contains guidelines for in-place recycling with cement, emulsion or foamed bitumen and hot mix recycling in a plant. The current briefing note is the final part of a set of three reports on the “Use of Recycled Materials in Pavements”. This briefing note contains the conclusions and recommendations on recycling pavement materials deriving from the previous “Literature Review” and [...]

  • Use of Recycled Materials in Pavements - Case studies

    This report contains the collection of case studies related to in-place recycling with cement, emulsion or foamed bitumen, hot mix and cement concrete recycling in a plant. The current collection of case studies is part of a set of three publications on the “Use of Recycled Materials in Pavements” expected for the 2020-2023 cycle. This collection reports case studies on: ●   recycling in-place using hydraulic and/or bituminous binders, it also addresses the preliminary investigations of [...]

  • Bridge And Tunnel Strikes By Oversized Vehicles

    This report details the findings of a study carried out by Roughan & O’Donovan Ltd. (ROD) under the supervision of PIARC, in response to an open call for proposals published by PIARC to conduct the “Bridges and tunnels strikes by oversize vehicles” Special Project. The objective of the study was to examine proven countermeasures, practices, and technologies used to reduce the incidence of oversize vehicles striking bridges and tunnels along with effective processes for accurately reporting [...]

  • Overweight Vehicles: Impact On Road Infrastructure And Safety

    This report compiled the available information on overweight road freight vehicles around the world, the impacts they have on road infrastructure, road safety and the economic position of road infrastructure managers, and collected global best practices to prevent and mitigate overloading. Global experience Weight limits for road freight vehicles typically cover 2 aspects: gross vehicle weight and axle (set) load. Gross vehicle weights differ greatly between countries and continents, from as low [...]

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