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International Seminar "Urban Mobility, Roads Operation and ITS Applications"

Buenos Aires (Argentina), 6-7 November 2013

This International Seminar was developed and organized by the Argentinean Roads Association, the Technical Committee 2.1 "Road Network Operations" of the World Road Association and the National Roads Administration of Argentina. Also it was supported by the civil Association ITS Argentina and the Traffic Engineering Society SAIT.

Preparatory Documents for the International Seminar

The opening ceremony was conducted by the Director of Diffusion of the AAC, Guillermo Cabana, Eng. and the President of the TC 2.1 PIARC, Mr. Jacques Ehrlich. After that, the architect Graciela Oporto, Secretary of Planning of Public Investment in Argentina, spoke about the territorial strategic plan, Julio Ortiz Andino, Eng., first delegate for Argentina on the objectives of the PIARC and Fernando Abrate, Eng., Planning Manager of the National Roads Administration, on the current status of roads and future projects including ITS.

The seminar was divided into 6 sessions, covering various topics such as urban traffic, lanes and roadways management, information to users, use of public space, design of transport infrastructure, multimodality, deployment, interoperability (in a interesting roundtable discussion with more than 10 experts) and evaluation of ITS projects, sustainable urban mobility, connected car and others.

In the closing ceremony, Guillermo Cabana, Eng. (AAC) and the chairman of the Technical Committee 2.2: Mr. Andre Bròtò, Eng spoke to the audience.

During the seminar, technical visits to the Urban Traffic Control Centre of the Buenos Aires City, to the named Metrobus Circuit, to the Terminal for Private Transport ("Combis") and to the Urban Highways Control Centre (AUSA) were performed.

In summary, the seminar was a success, giving the quality of the presentations, the interest of the technical visits and the hospitality and good organization of the local host.

International Seminar Program - 06-07 November 2013
"Urban Mobility, Roads Operation and ITS Applications"

First day of the seminar (06 November)






Welcome and Opening of the Seminar


- Guillermo Cabana, Eng., Press Director of the Argentine Roads Association
- Graciela Oporto, Eng., Under-secretary of Territorial, Ministry of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services of Arg.
- Jacques Ehrlich, President Committee CT 2.1 AIPCR
- Julio C. Ortiz Andino, Eng., First Delegate of Argentina in the AIPCR


Coffee Break and Poster Session


Situation of National Roads (Spanish)
Fernando Abrate, Eng, D.N.V.

Territorial Planning (Spanish)
Graciela Oporto, Eng., Under-secretary of Territorial Planning, Ministry of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services


Photo Shooting of all the participants


Lunch and Poster Session

Traffic flow management and traffic information


Session I - Traffic Management and Information

CONCLUSIONS // Moderator: Oscar Fariña

Traffic congestion management in Argentina (Spanish)
Eduardo Lavecchia, Arch., Argentine Road Association

Congestion management process in the US
Dillip Mundkur, Eng., by Ing. Harlam Miller, PIARC

Urban Mobility Evaluation in Integrated and not Integrated Transp. Systems (Spanish)
Ricardo Arredondo Ortiz, Eng., México, C.T. 2.2. PIARC Secretary

Managed Lanes (Spanish)
André Broto, Président du Comité AIPCR C.T.2.2. Amélioration de la mobilité en milieu urbain


Coffee Break and Poster Session


Session II - Traffic Management and Information

CONCLUSIONS // Moderator: Ing. Daniel Russomanno

MEGA Management System (Spanish)
Cdor. Gustavo Gene, Autopistas Urbanas S.A.

The Mobility Plan for the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona (Spanish)
Ing. Lluís Alegre i Valls

Roads Operation
Ing. Oscar Elorriaga, OCCOVI - DNV

Argentine Urban Highway Management (Spanish)
Dr. Gustavo Binner, Autopistas del Sol S.A.

Switzerland Highway Management
Heinz Suter
, Responsable de la gestion du trafic

Second day of the seminar (07 November)



From mobility needs to transport organization


Session III - Design of transport infrastructures for multimodality

CONCLUSIONS // Moderator: André Broto

Metrobus 9 de Julio, Avenue, case study (Spanish)
Guillermo Krantzer, Eng., Transport General Director of the City of Buenos Aires

Efforts at Multimodality
Markus Meissner

Transportation Infrastructure in the AMBA region (Spanish)
Inga. Olga Cristina Vicente, S.A.I.T.

Toyama City's Policy Toward a Compact City
Toshiro Kono


Coffee Break and Poster Session


Session IV - ITS deployment in different countries

CONCLUSIONS // Moderator: Jacques Erhlich

Congestion Charging Singapore
Dr. Kian Keong Chin
de LTA, Singapore

Integration of online information using TCIP protocol
Lise Filion
, Lic

Future ITS deployment and projects evaluation (Spanish)
Daniel Russomanno, Eng., President ITS Argentina

Using Variable Messages Signs
Alexis Bacelar, Eng.


Lunch and Poster Session


Session V - Comparison of strategies for sustainable urban mobility

CONCLUSIONS // Moderator: Jorge Felizia

Multimodal roads and Infrastructures adjusted to transport and settlement planning principles
Thomas Macoun

Managed Urban Motorways - Improving Mobility
Robert Freemantle, Network Asset Planning Director, Australia

Case Study of Urban Movility Improvement in Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (Matanza-Riachuelo Towpath) (Spanish)
Oscar U. Fariña, Eng., SAIT

Toll Interoperability
Emmanuelle Frènèat


Coffee Break and Poster Session


Session VI - Advanced Transport Management

CONCLUSIONS // Moderator: Oscar Elorriaga

Connected Vehicle
Jacques Ehrlich, PIARC Presidente del Comité Técnico Gestión de la Carretera

Ramp Metering (Spanish)
Jorge Felizia, Eng., Secretary ITS Argentina

Application of new information system and technologies to road management & control
Pierluigi De Marinis, Eng.

Panel Session - Mobility and Interoperability (Spanish)
Modérateur : Daniel Russomanno, President ITS Argentina



Conclusions : André Broto, President Committee C.T.2.2. PIARC

Acknowledgements on behalf of Argentina, Guillermo Cabana, Press Director of the A.A.C.

Slideshow of the International Seminar in Buenos Aires