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Technical Reports Road tunnel operations

This page lists technical reports of PIARC in the field of Road tunnel operations. These publications are classified chronologically.

  • Good Practices in Maintenance and Traffic Operation of Heavily Trafficked Urban Road Tunnels

    Maintenance and operation of heavily trafficked urban road tunnels is one of, if not the most outstanding challenge for authorities, owners, operators and designers of tunnels. This full report makes amends in detailing the challenges and inherent good practices for maintenance and operation from traffic management, to design and renovation. This full report was cowritten by a panel of designers, owners, operators, policy makers in the field of tunnels, from around the world, taking inspiration [...]

  • Good Practices in Maintenance and Traffic Operation of Heavily Trafficked Urban Road Tunnels

    The aim of the case study collection report is to gather, evaluate and comment on international expertise related to maintenance and traffic management in highly trafficked urban road tunnels. A large number of cases were collected, which were particularly suitable for providing an insight into the implementation of these special requirements for urban road tunnels. It became apparent that it was useful to divide the cases into 3 categories, which pursued similar goals. · Implementation of [...]

  • Impact of New Propulsion Technologies on Road Tunnel Operations and Safety

    Alternative propulsion technologies, including battery-electric vehicles, are becoming more prevalent. Whilst such vehicles remain a small overall proportion of the vehicle fleet, the combination of impacts of Government policy and technological advances in alternative fuels is expected to accelerate their increase in numbers on the road and in tunnels in coming years. There may also be particular initiatives in certain geographical areas, such as on airport land for example, where higher proportions [...]

  • Improving Road Tunnel Resilience, Considering Safety and Availability

    This report presents a review of literature on the improvement of road tunnel resilience as well as a collection of case studies that illustrate how this topic is being dealt with in practice. The content of the report is addressed at several target groups involved in the planning, design, implementation, operation, maintenance and refurbishment of road tunnels, such as decision makers, tunnel owners and managers, tunnel operators, emergency response services, designers, tunnel safety experts, safety [...]

  • Improving Road Tunnel Resilience, Considering Safety and Availability - PIARC Literature Review

    This report contains a review of literature on road tunnel resilience, including more general literature on resilience principles or aspects that could be applied to tunnels. Many definitions for “resilience” were found, but the Working Group decided on the following definition in the context of tunnels: “The ability to prepare and plan for, absorb, recover from, or more successfully adapt to actual or potential negative effects of events or developments affecting the availability of a road [...]