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Safe and efficient winter maintenance practices

Riga (Latvia)
22 September 2005

More than 100 participants took part this seminar organized by the Latvian Road Administration and the PIARC Technical Committee C3.4. It was also sponsored by the Baltic Road Association.


To be a regional event centred on the European Baltic States and neighbouring countries.

Official languages: English, French and Russian.

Objectives of the seminar

  • to provide an overview of the "state of the art" in winter maintenance,
  • to understand the needs of Latvia and neighbouring countries in this field,
  • to confirm the aims and planned work programmes of the Technical Committee 3.4 on Winter Maintenance.



Ms Gudrun Oberg, Chair PIARC TC3.4

Mr Riho Sormus, Baltic Road Association

Mr Talis Straume, Latvian State Roads

(219 Ko)

Presentation of the XII International Winter Road Congress

(185 Ko)

Winter maintenance in the Baltic States and Nordic countries

Actual situation in Estonia

Mr Kuno Mannik, Director of Tartu Road Office

(348 Ko)


Mr Aldis Lacis, Deputy Chairman of the Board SJSK Latvian State Roads

(161 Ko)


Mr Algimantas Janusauskas, Deputy Director General of the Lithuanian Road Administration

(766 Ko)

In Nordic countries

Mr Jens Kristian Fonnesbech, Danish Road Directorate

(395 Ko)

Session 1. Experiences of winter maintenance with focus on contract management

Chairmen: Mr Patric Huges, Mr Jan Olander (PDF 1103 Ko)

Experiences of Winter Maintenance with Focus on Contract Maintenance

Mr Eugen Ois, Director of Viru Road Office, Estonia

(1466 Ko)

Winter maintenance Staff training by competition

Mr Ansis Martinuks, Chief Mechanic of the SJSK Vidzemes Celi, Latvia


Winter Maintenance in Lithuania

Mr Henrikas Jurkuvenas, Head of the Road Maintenance Division, Lithuania

(390 Ko)

Survey report on Contracting

Mr Didier Giloppe, Ministry of Transport France, France

(231 Ko)

Snow and Ice Databook

Mr Xavier Cocu, Engineer-Researcher Belgian Road Research Centre, Belgium

(1886 Ko)

Winter Maintenance as a Part of Finnish Area Maintenance Contract

Mr Jukka Karjalainen, Finland

(256 Ko)

Session 2. Road safety and environmental aspects of winter maintenance

Chairman: Mr Ulrich Schlup

Road Safety and Environmental Aspects of Winter Maintenance

Mr Jaak Liivaleht, Chief Specialist of the Planning Department, Estonia

(349 Ko)

Environmental Aspects of Road De-icing Technologies

Mr Boriss Jelisejevs, M.sc.ing, Researcher, Riga Technical University, Latvia

PDF (224 Ko)

Environmental Aspects of Road De-icing Technologies

Mrs Daiva Ziloniene, Assoc. Professor. Dr, Vilnus Gediminas Technical

University, Lithuania

(606 Ko)

Environmental Friendly Technologies for Slippery Control in Norway

Mr Baard Nonstad, Norwegian Public Roads Administration Norway

(238 Ko)

Road Weather Information System. Environmental Sensor Station Siting Guidelines

Mr Paul Pisano, Team Leader, Federal Highway Administration USA

(195 Ko)

Preliminary information

Technical visit on 23 September 2005