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International Workshop "Road Risk Management"

28 May 2014, Milan (Italy)

This International Workshop on Road Risk Management was held at the Polytechnic University of Milan. This workshop was jointly organized by the Technical Committee 1.5 on Risk Management, the Italian National PIARC Committee and the Polytechnic University of Milan, and was supported by FiNELCO, GSA, SINECO and TECNOCHEM.

Proceedings of International Workshop

International seminar audience in Milan, Italy, May 2014 - World Road Association

Workshop Audience

The full one-day workshop consisted of four technical sessions and a technical exhibition with a large number of participants including experts from governments, academia and the private sector both from Italy and abroad.

During the opening session, welcome addresses were delivered by Prof. Gianpaolo Rosati, Polytechnic University of Milan (PoliMI), Prof. Manuela Grecchi, PoliMI, Mrs Cinzia Secchi, Engineer from Lombardia regional government, and Mr Robin Sébille, Deputy Secretary General of the World Road Association, followed by opening remarks by Prof. Keiichi Tamura, Chair of TC 1.5. Lastly, Prof. Maurizio Crispino, PoliMI made a welcome address and an introductory presentation, as the workshop organizer.

The first session was mainly composed of international presentations. They covered a wide variety of risk and emergency management methodologies and applications, such as the importance of risk management in the road planning and design phases, risk-based maintenance strategy for expressway structures, risks associated with a tunnel running along a river, and emergency evacuation strategy.

The other three sessions consisted of Italian presentations on road risk and emergency management. The second session mainly focused on road operation management including tunnel fire management (a brand new technology for immediate fire extinguishing was presented) and dangerous goods transportation. Profitable experience exchange came from airport pavement management and from practice concerning snowstorms management. Presentations in the third session discussed topics such as climate changes, hydrogeological risks, and teaching experience of road risk management. The fourth session featured earthquake engineering from a viewpoint of risk management and management of infrastructure risk.

Lastly, in the closing session, Prof. Maurizio Crispino stated the importance of risk management in the current road engineering practice and, above all, the importance of cooperation between different stakeholders, practitioners, technicians and scientists to share knowledge and experience about tools, methodologies and technologies for the progress of risk management. Prof. Keiichi Tamura finally expressed in his remarks cordial appreciation to all the contributors who planned, organized and attended the notable technical event.

International Workshop Program - 28 May 2014
"Road Risk Management"




Opening Session

Welcome Remarks and general introduction
Prof. Crispino M. (PoliMI - Italy)

Welcome Remarks
Prof. Grecchi M. (PoliMI - Italy) Prof. Rosati G. (PoliMI - Italy)

Welcome Remarks
Mme Secchi C. ((Lombardia provincial gov. - Italy)

Welcome Remarks
M. Sébille R. (Deputy secretary general, PIARC)

Opening remarks
Prof. Tamura(Chairman, TC1.5, PIARC)


Session I

Chairmen : F. Giustozzi ( Politecnico di Milano - Italty ) P. Charcellay (EGIS - France )

Risk-Cost-Benefit Analysis for Planning and Preservation of Transportation Corridors with Heterogeneous Sources of Data
Lambert J. (University of Virginia - USA)

Advanced risk and emergency situation management practices in roads
Benekos I. (ECHMES Ltd.- Greece)

Advanced risk and emergency situation management practices in roads
Adachi Y. (Hanshin Expressway Co., Ltd. -Japan)

Highway maintenance strategy using risk management technique 
Iwasato Y. (Hanshin Expressway Co., Ltd. -Japan)

Case study on Risk Assessment of a tunnel at the Edge of a Water body
Shimamoto H. (CTI Engineering Co., Ltd. -Japan)

Estimation of Vehicles Evacuation Time of an Industrial Zone
DO M. (Hanbat National University -Korea)

Risk evaluation at design stage of complex infrastructural system (Italian)
Domenichini L. (University of Florence -Italy)


Coffee Break


Session II

Chairmen : E. Toraldo (PoliMI - Italy) H. Miyatake (PWRI - Japan)

Managing Emergency Operations in Road Tunnels
Rigacci R.(Autostrada per L'Italia -Italy)

Managing Emergency Operations in Road Tunnels (Italian)
Dodaro O. (VV. FF. -Italy)

The GSA System for Fire Risk Management
QuarantottoP.(GSA -Italy)

Italian Civil Protection and Operational Risks on the National Road Network
Studer L. (PoliMI - Italy)

Italian Civil Protection and Operational Risks on the National Road Network
Marchionni G.(PoliMI - Italy)

The DESTINATION Project on Dangerous Goods on the National Road Network
Orso Giacone M. (Piemonte provincial gov - Italy)

Runway Risk prevention: FOD and Snow
Dolci S. (SEA Milano Airport - Italy)




Séance III

Chairmen : V. Nicolosi (University of Rome - Italy)  H. Miyatake (PWRI - Japan)

Presentation of the Italian PIARC Activities
Annese L. (ANAS/AIPCR)

Climate Changes and Infrastructure-Related Risk
Minardi G. (A.R.P.A. Lombardia)

Hydrogeological risk assessment
Scesi L. (PoliMI - Italy)

Hydrogeological risk assessment
Secchi C. (Lombardia provincial gov - Italy)

Experiences from teaching Road Risk Management
Benedetto A. (Roma TRE university - Italy)


Coffee Break


Séance IV

Chairmen : Malerba (PoliMI - Italy) L. Nunez (SESPEC - Spain)

Seismic Risk Assessment for Transportation Infrastructures
Pardi L.(Autostrada per L'Italia -Italy)

Seismic Risk Assessment for Transportation Infrastructures
Biondini F.et Titi A. (PoliMI - Italy)

Management of Infrastructure Risk: Corrosion, Fire, Earthquake, Dynamic Stresses
Maringoni S.(TECHNOCHEM Italiana SpA - Italy)

Lessons from the L'Aquila Earthquake: a case study
Lai I. (Strada dei Parchi SpA - Italy)


Closing Session

Closing Remarks
Prof. Crispino M. (PoliMI - Italy)

Closing Remarks
Prof. Tamura (Chairman, TC1.5, PIARC)