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Road Tunnel Operations Management and Safety

Chongqing (P.R. of China), 18-20 October 2006

This International Seminar on Road Tunnel Operations Management and Safety was sponsored by PIARC (C3.3) and TESC and hosted by Chongqing Communications Research and Design Institute.

Proceedings (Chinese and English)

Opening Session

Expressway development in China (Zhang Baosheng)

C3.3 presentation (Liu Wei)

PIARC presentation (D. Lacroix)

Session 1 - Safety standards for road tunnels

EU directive and implementation in Germany (J. Krieger)

USA NFPA 502 and comparison with other standards (A. Bendelius)

Study on the traffic accident disaster and the protection technology (F. J. Zhou)

Session 2 - Reducing the cost of road tunnel operation

PIARC report on reduction of operational costs of road tunnels (J Thomsen) + Continuous search for new ways to reduce operational cost (E. Norstrom)

Research on illumination energy saving technique of highway tunnel (Han Zhi)

Method on ventilation calculation of tunnel operation based on ranking of highway service level (Qu Zhihao)

Session 3 - Disaster prevention and ventilation control in very long 2 tubes tunnels

Ventilation of very long tunnels in Europe (B. Falconnat + F. Walet)

Development of ventilation system for Cangling expressway tunnel (Wu Dexing)

R&D of tunnel technology and the need of full scale testing: the Runehamar test tunnel and fire safety (H. Buvik)

The research of ventilation technology for Qinling extra-long highway tunnel (Xie Yongli)

Session 4 - Evaluation and upgrading of safety in existing tunnels

Risk analysis and implementation in Austria (R. Hoerhan)

Study on assesment of fire damage in tunnel structure (Zhou Ren-Qiang)

Experience from upgrading safety of existing tunnels (B. Falconnat + F. Walet)

Session 5 - Tunnel management and safety improvement

State of the art in France in equipment maintenance management (J.Cl. Martin)

Life cycle analysis of tunnel equipment - Basis for safe operation (U. Welte)

The operation management and control technology of Chongqing highway tunnel (Lizhu Wei)

Experimental research on Chengyu highway tunnel operation management (Liu Xianming)

Closing session

Conclusions (M. Romana)

Call for papers

Technical papers related to the topics listed here were invited for presentation at the seminar and publication all around the world and in China.

Seminar Topics:

  • Operations management and disaster prevention for road tunnels.
  • Ventilation of long road tunnels.
  • Durability and reliability of tunnel operational equipment.
  • Fire in tunnels.
  • Methods of improving safety in existing tunnels.

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