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Road tunnel operations

Since 1957, date of creation by PIARC of the "Committee on Road Tunnels", the Association has conducted an ongoing activity on all matters relating to the operation of road tunnels: geometry, equipment and maintenance, operating, safety and environment.

The results of the committee's work were first published as:

  • monographs on the occasion of the World Road Congresses, starting from 1959 (Rio de Janeiro Congress);
  • then in the form of thematic reports from 1995 that can be found in the Directory of Technical reports.

Knowledge is, since 2011, structured in an electronic form: the Manual of Road Tunnels, which presents various topics related to the operation of road tunnels and links to the various publications in this field.

PIARC recommendations

PIARC recommendations for taking into account the objectives of Directive 2008/96/EC on road infrastructure safety management, in the context of road tunnels, when implementing Directive 2004/54/EC on minimum safety requirements for tunnels in the trans-European road network: click here!

  • Road tunnels manual

    An electronic manual of reference on all matters relating to the operation of road tunnels

  • QRAM software

    Developed with the OECD, the quantitative risk assessment model evaluates the risks of transporting dangerous goods through road tunnels.

  • Technical reports

    prepared by the Technical Committees in the field of road tunnel operations

  • Seminars and workshops

    organised by PIARC in the field of road tunnel operations

Lastest Technical Reports

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