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Technical Reports Freight transport

This page lists technical reports of PIARC in the field of freight transport. These publications are classified chronologically.

  • Greening of Freight Transport

    As a major contributor to GHG emissions, freight transport also must be a part of the solution. This topic is evolving rapidly through innovations, new solutions, and experiences and will be of the utmost importance for road managers and public authorities. This document presents a number of good practices. The purpose of these fact sheets is to highlight projects, initiatives and policies that have been utilized by PIARC member countries to make freight transport greener with the goal of reducing [...]

  • Control and Enforcement Measures to Reduce Truck Overloading and Associated Infrastructure Damage on Road Networks

    Overloaded trucks, poor vehicle conditions, driver fatigue and speeding remain big challenges in road freight transport for road authorities all over the world. These issues can cause severe road safety problems, substantial damage to the road infrastructure and environmental impacts. Overloading also leads to unfair competition between transport modes and transport companies. Within the Technical Committee 2.3 Freight working group 2.3.1 had a specific focus on monitoring and regulations to [...]

  • Disaster Management: The Effects And Management Of Covid-19 Whilst Looking To The Future

    No matter what the disaster is, no matter what the pandemic is, we as road administrators must minimize the disaster impacts to our transportation infrastructure. To share the experiences of disaster management amid COVID-19, PIARC TC 1.5 “Disaster Management” of PIARC and TRB AMR00(2) “Transportation Emergency Management Practices and Innovations Subcommittee” organized a joint webinar on June 30, 2021. The webinar invited six speakers from all over the world. All the presenters reported [...]

  • COVID-19: Survey of Impacts and Responses from the Global Roads and Transport Sector

    In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic took hold across the world, creating massive impacts and challenges for multiple sectors, including roads and transport. PIARC took action rapidly, forming a COVID-19 Response Team and initiating a programme of knowledge-sharing webinars.  The Response Team also launched a global questionnaire survey. The intention was to assess how road and transport agencies, operators and other organizations were coping with COVID-19 pandemic and to identify responses and [...]

  • COVID-19: initial impacts and responses to the pandemic from road and transport agencies

    The road transport sector, and the organisations and professionals who manage it, is an essential service and PIARC recognized the potential for COVID-19 to cause severe disruption to the road transport sector early on. In mid-March 2020, PIARC moved to establish a formal PIARC COVID-19 Response Team to explore the rapid sharing of knowledge and practice between PIARC members in terms of pandemic impacts, associated economic and social crisis and the relevant responses. Activities were rapidly launched [...]