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International Seminar Maintenance of Rural Roads - Stakes and Perspectives

20-21 Avril 2006, Rabat (Morocco)

This international seminar is organized jointly by the AMPCR (Permanent Moroccan Association for Road Congresses) and the ANAFIDE (National Association of Land Tenure Improvement, Irrigation, Drainage and Environment) with the collaboration of the World Road Association and the CIGR (International Commission of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering). Il constitua l'occasion d'établir un état de l'art en matière de gestion, de financement et de techniques relatifs à l'entretien de routes rurales.

This international seminar was a forum for experience exchange between the international community members and expected participants representing decision makers, donors, NGOs, professionals and researchers.

Four topics covered:
Topic 1: Role of rural roads and their maintenance.
Topic 2: Maintenance techniques for rural roads.
Topic 3: Management and financing of rural roads.
Topic 4: Integrated development project and rural roads.