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Publications Routes/Roads Environment

This page lists Routes/Roads articles of PIARC in the field of environment. These publications are classified chronologically.

  • The Renaissance of Urban Spaces

    We are in the midst of an environmental and climate crisis. A sustainable and vibrant urban environment is more relevant than ever with today’s population growth and urbanization For the first time in Earth’s history, more people live in cities than in the countryside. During this strong urban growth, it is important to be aware that streets and urban spaces must be sustainable. Dronning Eufemias gate is Norway’s largest street tree project and Scandinavia’s largest street arboretum. The [...]

  • Private Practitioners and Public Practice - Transportation Landscape Architecture in Practice

    The traffic facilities that the Swedish Transport Administration plans, builds and maintains are a central and important part of most Swede’s everyday-environments. Through comprehensive studies in an R&D project, the Swedish Transport Administration has developed a tool for measuring how customers perceive a certain road environment. The tool, Customer-perceived quality in the traffic environment, allows statistically reliable measurement and evaluation of the design quality in our traffic facilities. [...]

  • Private Practitioners and Public Practice - Transportation Landscape Architecture in Practice

    Transportation Landscape Architecture, defined as the landscape architectural aspects of any highway, local roadway, transit, or trail projects, as practiced in the United States, typically involves a team of landscape architects working collaboratively to develop solutions to the environmental, aesthetic, and community aspects of the project. This critical, collaborative process of designing a transportation project should involve landscape architects from both local state Departments of Transportation [...]

  • Assessing Landscape Effects in Strategic Planning for Transport Infrastructure

    To assess the multiplicity of effects on landscape from transport infrastructure measures is especially challenging since planned transport structures might stretch over large areas of a region and influence future land uses. When new areas become accessible by the construction of new roads, railroads and stations, these areas are also likely to be developed in terms of new housing and industries. Thus, the localization of transport structures affect the exploitation and use of land and may affect [...]

  • The E6 Motorway Through the Landscape of Bohuslän - A story of dedication to create an attractive motorway in a breath-taking landscape

    How do some motorways manage to harmonize with their environments whilst others give the impression of being open wounds in the landscape? How is it that some motorways add value to the trip whilst others merely lead from one place to another making it obvious to the road user that they were designed without care?