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PIARC (World Road Association), founded in 1909 and comprising 125 member governments from all over the world, is the global forum for exchange of knowledge and experience on roads, road transport policies and practices. With consultative status to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, the Association is contributing to a stable and sustainable global development of the road and transport sector.

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Proceedings of International Seminars

Proceedings of PIARC International Seminars

Kyoto (Japan) - June 2022

In addition to World Road Congresses and International Winter Road Congresses, PIARC organizes international seminars at regional level:

  • To better identify the needs of developing countries and countries in transition,
  • To facilitate exchanges and knowledge transfer involving more participants from these countries.
  • PIARC also organises online webinars to facilitate exchanges and knowledge transfer.

The program and the proceedings of the international seminars and webinars of PIARC (World Road Association) are released online as soon as they are available.

Proceedings of International Seminars / Workshops cycle 2020-2023

Strategic Theme 1 - Road Administration

Sustainable Road Freight Transport for Economic and Social Development 1.2/2.3

31 May - 02 June 2023
Arusha (Tanzania)

Sustainability and Disaster Management for Roads 1.5/3.4

08-11 February 2023
Cancún (Mexico)

Low and Lower-Middle Income Countries – Impact of ecology and climate transition on project preparation : financing, capacity building, technical standards TF 1.3

14 December 2022
Online, organised from Paris (France)

Planning, financing and social risks for the development and management of road infrastructure 1.2/1.3

30 November-03 December 2022
Mexico City (Mexico)

Climate change, resilience and disaster management for roads 1.4/1.5

22-24 November 2022
Yogyakarta (Indonesia) and online

Road disaster management using the latest information technologies 1.5

30 June 2022
Kyoto (Japan) and online

Gender inclusion in the transport sector 1.1

07 June 2022
Online, organised from Paris (France)

Implementing Innovation – The Critical Step 1.1

26 April 2022
Warsaw (Poland) and online

Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience of Roads - LMIC 1.4

06-08 December 2021
Online, organised from Kampala (Uganda)

Innovation and Innovative Organization 1.1

23 November 2021
Seville (Spain) and online

Climate Change Impacts and Road Resilience 1.4

02 and 04 June 2021
Online, organised from Germany

Strategic Theme 2 - Mobility

Sustainable Road Freight Transport for Economic and Social Development 1.2/2.3

31 May - 02 June 2023
Arusha (Tanzania)

Road Mobility Projects in Urban Regions and their Impact on the Environment 2.1

15-17 May 2023
Buenos Aires (Agentina)

Innovative road operation concepts for safe and sustainable mobility 2.4

11-13 May 2023
Rabat (Morocco)

Resilient, sustainable and safe rural roads & earth structures for a better future 2.2/4.3

03-05 May 2023
Tunis (Tunisia)

Sustainable Mobility for Resilient Cities and Peri-Urban Regions 2.1

23-25 November 2022
Tunis (Tunisia)

Rural Roads and Road Safety 2.2/3.1

18-20 October 2022
Cap Town (South Africa)

Building smart approaches for Freight, Road Network Operations and ITS Technology 2.3/2.4

26-28 September 2022
Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Rural roads, connectivity and accesibility for development 2.2

21-23 June 2022
Organised from Paraguay

Intelligent Access Policies for Road Freight Transport

27 January 2022
Organised from Paris (France)

Electric Road Systems - National policies and strategies TF 2.2

04 November 2021
Online, organised from Paris (France)

Electric Road Systems - Business Models TF 2.2

22 June 2021
Online, organised from Paris (France)

Smart Roads Classification

15 June 2021
Online, organised from Paris (France)

Electric Road Systems – Technology Assessment TF 2.2

17 February 2021
Online, organised from Paris (France)

Strategic Theme 3 - Safety and Sustainability

Road Asset Management Manual 3.3

13 July 2023
Online, organised from Paris (France)

Performance-based Asset Management of Land Transport Infrastructure and Services for Sustainable Development 3.3

07-09 March 2023
Dakar (Senegal)

Sustainability and Disaster Management for Roads 1.5/3.4

08-11 February 2023
Cancún (Mexico)

Implementing BIM in road asset management: challenges and opportunities 3.3

10-13 October 2022
Mexico City (Mexico)

Measures to improve resilience of road networks 3.3

28 April 2022
Online organised from Blacksburg (US)

Winter Service on Roads and other Public Places 3.2

13-15 December 2021
Online organised from Kiev (Ukraine)

Innovative approaches for Asset Management Systems 3.3

18 November 2021
Online, organised from Blacksburg (USA)

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, a Pathway towards a Safer Future 3.1

27-28 October
Online, organised from Rome (Italy)

Environmental Sustainability of Road Transport: Air Pollution, Noise and Relationship with Energy Transition and Climate Change 3.4

20-22 October 2021
Cluj-Napoca (Romania) and online

Road Safety in Low to Middle Income Countries 3.1

18-20 May 2021
Tunis (Tunisia) and online

Issues for sustainable roads and ecoinfrastructures: new challenges in the context of Energy and Climate 3.4

18-19 May 2021
Online, organised from Lublin (Poland)

Strategic Theme 4 - Resilient Infrastructure

Inspection, management and rehabilitation of Road Bridges 4.2

11 May 2023
Kobe (Japan)

Resilient, sustainable and safe rural roads & earth structures for a better future 2.2/4.3

03-05 May 2023
Tunis (Tunisia)

Advances in Design, Construction and Operation of Tunnels 4.4

19-21 April, 2023
Dehradun (India)

International Pavement Seminar 4.1

07-09 March 2023
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Bridge inspection and rehabilitation techniques 4.2

22-24 February 2023
Tunis (Tunisia)

Underwater Tunnels 4.4

27 January, 2023
Bilbao (Spain)

Bridge inspection 4.2

28 September 2022
Madrid (Spain)

World Road Tunnels Seminar 4.4

29 March-01 April 2022
Medellín (Colombia)

Resilience and Innovation in Earthworks 4.3

02-04 November 2021
Online, organised from Sochi (Russia)

Bridge management 4.2

20-22 October 2021
Online, organised from San José (Costa Rica)

New Energy Carriers in Road Tunnels 4.4

20-21 October 2021
Online, organised from Utrecht (Netherlands)

Use of Recycled Materials in Paving 4.1

20-22 September 2021
Online, organised from Buenos Aires (Argentina)

The program and the proceedings of the international seminars of PIARC (World Road Association) will be released online as soon as they are available.

Proceedings of International Seminars / Workshops cycle 2016-2019

Strategic Theme A - Management and Finance

Disaster & Risk Management for Roads A.3/E.3

07-08 November 2018
Hanoi (Vietnam)

Strategic Planning - Performance Monitoring of Road Transport Administrations A.1

22-23 October 2018
Kyiv (Ukraine)

Achieving Successful Road Transportation Through Effective Management and Organization A.1

25-26 April 2018
Beijing (China)

Climate Change Adaptation, Risk And Disaster Management For Roads And Road Organizations A.3/E.1/E.3 

08-10 November 2017
Havana (Cuba)

Strategic Theme B - Access and Mobility

Integrated Road Transport and Mobility B.1/B.3/B.4

05-07 November 2018
Cape Town (South Africa)

Logistics and roads: let´s meet. The Logistics & The Road industries meeting B.4

27-28 March 2017
Mexico City (Mexico)

Strategic Theme C - Safety

Safer road by Infrastructure design and operation C.2

23-25 April 2019
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Safer Roads that Save Lives: The PIARC Contributions to the UN Targets and Initiatives C.1/C.2

17-19 October 2018
Beijing (China)

Road Safety - A commitment to the present and a challenge for the future C.1

19-20 April 2018
Lisbon (Portugal)

Current Policies to Enhance Traffic Safety and Future Directions C.1

25-27 November 2017
Teheran (Iran)

Road Safety for Connectivity and Productivity C.2

03-05 May 2017
Santiago (Chile)

Policies and Programs for Road Safety Management C.1

06 April 2017
Marrakech (Morocco)

Strategic Theme D - Infrastructure

Roads asset management - Tools for implementation D.1

14-16 August 2019, San Fandila (Mexico)

Best Practices for Earthworks and Rural Roads D.4

14-16 November 2018
Tunis (Tunisia)

Rehabilitation and Sustainable Technology in Bridges D.3

19-21 April 2018
Campeche (Mexico)

Earthworks in Europe D.4

19-20 April 2018
Madrid (Spain)

Road Tunnels in Low and Medium Income Countries D.5

18-20 October 2017
Cape Town (South Africa)

Global approaches on Sustainable Pavements D.2

21-22 August 2017
Cancun (Mexico)

Asset Management for Rural and Low Volume Roads D.1/D.4

24-26 May 2017
Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia)

Reinforcement of Concrete Bridges with Composite Materials D.3

06 April 2017
Madrid (Spain)

Strategic Theme E - Climate Change, Environment and Disasters

Disaster Management and Resilience for Road Infrastructure E.3

09 May 2019
Irvine (USA)

Disaster & Risk Management for Roads A.3/E.3

07-08 November 2018
Hanoi (Vietnam)

Resilience Process for Disaster E.3

15 June 2018
Santiago de Chile (Chile)

Climate Change Adaptation, Risk And Disaster Management For Roads And Road Organizations A.3/E.1/E.3

08-10 November 2017
Havana (Cuba)

Disaster Management for Roads E.3

31 May 2017
Tokyo (Japan)

Proceedings of International Seminars / Workshops cycle 2012-2015

Strategic Theme 1 - Management and Performance

Risk Management in Traffic and Road Operations 1.5

12 March 2015
Adelaide (Australia)

Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Technologies and Inputs from ITS in Network Operations 1.5 - 2.1

12-13 November 2014
Xi'an (China)

Highway & Roads Financing 1.2

09-10 July 2014
Santiago (Chile)

Road Risk Management 1.5

28 May 2014
Milan (Italy)

Road Sustainability and Green Technology 1.3

22-24 April 2014
Bali (Indonesia)

Experience Gained in PPP Projects in Road Sector - The Way Forward 1.2

11-12 November 2013
New Delhi (India)

Risk Management for Highway Infrastructure 1.5

09-11 October 2013
Merida (Mexico)

Performance and Governance of Road and Transport Administrations 1.1

24-26 September 2013
Arusha (Tanzania)

Risk And Emergency Management For Road 1.5

29-30 May 2013
Osaka (Japan)

Strategic Theme 2 - Access and Mobility

The problem of Freight Transport by road in Africa 2.3

14-15 May 2015
Yaoundé (Cameroon)

Mobile Road Surface Condition Measurements in Winter 2.4

11 March 2015
Helsinki (Finland)

Improving Mobility in Urban Areas 2.2

05-06 November 2014
Makassar (Indonesia)

Rural Roads Maintenance 2.5

27-29 November 2013
Durban (South Africa)

Urban Mobility, Roads Operation and ITS Applications 2.1

06-07 November 2013
Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Freight Transport 2.3

28-30 October 2013
Montevideo (Uruguay)

Winter Road in High Mountain and extreme zones 2.4

04-07 June 2013
Santiago de Chile (Chile)

Sustainable Maintenance of Rural Roads 2.5

28-30 November 2012
San Salvador (El Salvador)

Strategic Theme 3 - Safety

Binational Mountainous Road Tunnel Operations 3.3

15-17 April 2015
San Juan (Argentina)

Road Safety National Policies and Programs 3.1

11-12 November 2013
Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Sustainable Road Tunnel Operations 3.3

23-25 October 2013
Da Nang (Viet Nam)

Building Road Safety Capacity 3.2

02-04 October 2013
Warsaw (Poland)

Long Tunnels: challenges for design, construction and operations 3.3

17-19 October 2012
Santiago de Chile (Chile)

Strategic Theme 4 - Infrastructure

Maintenance of Bridges 4.3

28-30 May 2015
Bucharest (Romania)

Strategies and Methods to Ensure Long Service Life of Pavements 4.2

10-12 November 2014
Quito (Ecuador)

Slope and Road Foundation Drainage and Stormwater Management 4.4

09-13 November 2014
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Long Span Bridge - Construction, Maintenance, and Disaster Resistance Techniques 4.3

23-25 October 2014
Shanghai (China)

Earthworks and Pavements in Arid and Semi-arid Zones 4.4

09-10 June 2014
Rabat (Morocco)

Road Infrastructure Management - Current Practice and Development Prospective 4.1

31 March - 02 April 2014
Cancun (Mexico)

Proceedings of International Seminars / Workshops cycle 2009-2011

 Sustainability of the Road Transport System

Sustainable Maintenance of Rurals Roads A.4

10-12 March 2011
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

Reducing the Carbon Footprint in Road Construction A.1

17-19 February 2011
New Dehli, India

Sustainable maintenance of Rural Roads A.4

21-23 January 2010
Hyderabad, India

Environment and sustainable Transport A.1

16-18 September 2009
Timisoara, Romania

Public-Private Partnerships in the Road Sector A.2

13-14 October 2009
Osaka, Japan

Road-toll policies applied or planned in Central
and Eastern European Countries A.3 

6-7 May 2009
Budapest, Hungary

Financing of road infrastructures A.2

14 April 2009
Rabat, Morocco

Improving Provision of Services

Roads and Highways: optimising services for customer B.1-B.2

25-27 April 2011
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Improved Mobility in Urban Areas, Freight and Intermodality B.3-B.4

13-14 April 2011
Santiago de Chile, Chile

Management of Winter Service in an Extreme Continental Climate Country B.5

6-8 April 2011
Ulaanbaator, Mongolia

Human Resources Management, Governance and Public Procurement B.1

8-10 December 2009
Bamako, Mali

Environment and sustainable Transport B.4

16-18 September 2009
Timisoara, Romania

Technical Solution for Sustainable Winter Service B.5

7-9 October 2009
Hradec Králové, Czech Rep.

Traffic management in urban areas and application of ITS B.2-B.3

10 July 2009
Tokyo, Japan

Safety of the Road System

Risk and Emergency Management for Roads C.3

11-13 November 2010
Beijing, China

Road Tunnels and Dangerous Goods - QRA Model C.4

26 January 2010
Paris, France

Managing Risk in Road Operations C.3

5-7 November 2009
Iasi, Romania

Promoting Road Safety for Vulnerable Road Users C.1 C.2

25-27 October 2009
Capetown, South Africa

Quality of Road Infrastructure

Latest Advancements In Concrete Pavement Design And Construction D.2

9-10 May 2011
Buenos-Aires, Argentina

Geotechnics and unpaved roads D.4

29-30 October 2009
Cotonou, Benin

Maintenance Techniques to improve Pavement Performance D.2

24-26 August 2009
Cancún, Mexico

Proceedings of International Seminars / Workshops cycle 2005-2008

Sustainability of the Road Transport System

Road maintenance techniques and financing methods A.2

2-3 December 2008
Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)

Governance and Management of the Road System

Sustainable road financing and investment C1.2

16-20 April 2007
Arusha (Tanzania)

STI and road safety C1.4 & C3.1

11-13 April 2007
Santiago de Chile (Chile)

Development of institutional capacities, human resources management and good governance C1.3

21-23 March 2007
Cotonou (Benin)

ITS in the network operation C1.4

14-16 August 2006
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Good governance, institutional integrity and human resources management for road administrations C1.3

20-22 October 2005
Varsovie (Poland)

Road pricing with emphasis on financing, regulation and equity C1.1 & C1.2

11-13 April 2005
Cancún (Mexico)

Sustainable Mobility

Freight transport in landlocked developing and transition countries C2.4

6-8 September 2006
Ulaanbatar (Mongolia)

Sustainable development and road transport C2.1 
Interurban roads and integrated interurban transport C2.2

8-12 May 2006
Monterrey (Mexico)

Maintenance of rural roads C2.5

20-21 April 2006
Rabat (Morocco)

Sustainable access and local resource solutions C2.5

28-30 November 2005
Siem Reap (Cambodia)

Freight transport and intermodality for Western African countries C2.4

13-15 June 2005
Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)

Safety and Road Operations

Risk management for roads C3.2

3-4 May 2007
Cartagena (Colombia)

STI and road safety C3.1 & C1.4

11-13 April
Santiago de Chile (Chile)

Quantitative risk assessment model for dangerous goods transport through road tunnels C3.3

1st February 2007
Paris (France)

Road tunnel operations - Management and safety C3.3

18-20 October 2006
Chongqing (P.R. China)

Improving the safety of road infrastructures C3.1

11-13 October 2006
Lomé (Togo)

Risk management for roads C3.2

26-28 April 2006
Hanoi (Vietnam)

Safety and operation of road tunnels C3.3

27-28 March 2006
San Juan (Argentina)

Road safety C3.1

18-20 October 2005
Pékin (P.R. China)

Safe and efficient winter maintenance practices C3.4

22 September 2005
Riga (Latvia)

Quality of Road Infrastructure

Road asset management C4.1

19-21 March 2008
Chandigarh (India)

Adapting road earthworks to the local environment C4.5

31 May-2 June 2007
Iasi (Romania)

Road pavement maintenance C4.3

18-20 April 2007 
La Habana (Cuba)

Automated detection of pavement cracking C4.2

13 August 2006
Québec (Canada-Québec)

Maintenance of rural roads

20-21 April 2006
Rabat (Morocco)

Monitoring and managing paved and unpaved roads C4.2

21-22 February 2006 
Bamako (Mali)

Urban pavements C4.3

21-22 September 2005
Cracovie (Poland)

Proceedings of International Seminars / Workshops 2001-2002

Road technology

Road pavement recycling C7/8

10-11 October 2002
Warsaw (Poland)

Appropriate use of natural materials in road C12

18-21 June 2002
Ulaan Baator (Mongolia)

Management and administration of the road system

Road management within an integrated
transport system C6-C9-C11-C15

1st November 2001
Coolum (Australia)

Appropriate levels of road and road transport development

Rural transport, key element of the development C3-C20

15-16 May 2002
Siem Reap (Cambodia)

Road Bridges

Management of Road Bridges in Asian Countries D11

12-13 June 2002
Bangkok (Thailand)