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International Seminar "Strategic Planning and Performance Monitoring of Road and Transport Administrations"

22-23 October 2018 Kyiv, Ukraine

International seminar organized by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, the Kyiv City State Administration, Infrastructure Sector Transparency Initiative (CoST) of Ukraine, in cooperation with the Technical Committee TC A.1 "Performance of Transport Administrations" of PIARC (World Road Association) in Kyiv, Ukraine from October 22-23, 2018.

Summary of the Seminar

If you do not manage change, change will for sure manage you. It is not a matter of if you should plan for your future, it is when and how, because the best way to predict the future is to create it. And the best way to do that is by planning for different potential scenarios.

It brought together 26 different speakers and over 462 attendees from 22 countries, representing government, academia, research institutions and the private sector.They shared the current state and latest ideas, practical experiences, expectations, and engaged in Q&A discussions at the end of each Session.

The speakers addressed technical and management issues relative to: transformational change, strategic planning, performance management, integrated multimodal transportation, transparency and integrity, winter maintenance policy and practice, and opportunities and challenges arising from innovative and disruptive transport technologies.

This International Seminar was the second one organized by TC A1 "Performance of Transport Administrations" during the current PIARC cycle 2016-2019. The Kyiv Seminar is a further step after the Beijing Seminar (April 2018) whose conclusions can be condensed to:

Transport Administrations need to stop defining themselves by the assets that they own, but rather by the service they deliver, the customer's needs and expectations, and how the Transportation Administration's actions could positively impact the quality of life of their customers.

Program of the International Seminar - 22-23 october 2018
Strategic Planning and Performance Monitoring of Road and Transport Administrations

Presentations in English and Ukrainian

Day 1 - 22 october 2018

Welcome Reception

Opening Ceremony

Session I : Long-Term Planning and Programming
Moderators: Natalie Forsyuk and Alexander Gusteliev

Session II : Promoting Transparency and Integrity

Session III : Strategic Planning and Performance Monitoring
Moderators: Natalie Forsyuk and Alexander Gusteliev

Closing Remarks & Conclusions

End of Day 1

Day 2 - 23 october 2018

Welcome Reception

Opening Ceremony

Session I : Management of Road Works Procurement
Moderators: Natalie Forsyuk and Alexander Gusteliev

Session II : Winter Operations and Road Safety in City Conditions
Moderators: Natalie Forsyuk and Alexander Gusteliev

Session III : Impact of Disruptive Technologies and Innovation in City Conditions to the Performance of Transport Administrations
Moderators: Natalie Forsyuk 
and Alexander Gusteliev

Closing Remarks & Conclusions

End of Day 2

Slideshow of the International Seminar in Kyiv

  • Speakers and Staff of the Seminar organization

  • Audience of the seminar

  • Volodymyr Omelyan and Vitali Klitschko