Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2016-2019

Strategic Plan 2016-2019 - World Road Association PIARC

PIARC (World Road Association) is a non-profit association established more than 100 years ago to promote international cooperation on issues pertaining to roads and road transportation. It consists of a wide range of members from every part of the globe. The core members are road agencies representing over 120 countries.

The Association mobilizes the expertise its members to share and develop information for the benefit of the global transportation community, a mission that is grounded in the needs of member countries and supportive of larger trends in global society. It fulfils this mission through operations guided by a 4-year Strategic Plan.

This plan, which covers the years 2016-2019, is the result of a deliberative process that included: (1) an assessment of the core mission of the Association; (2) an assessment of the external environment; and (3) consideration of key internal dynamics and member needs.

The Strategic Plan confirms the goal of the Association to remain a leading international venue for creating and transferring knowledge in the road transport sector.

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