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The World Road Association aims to develop international cooperation and promote progress in the fields of road and road transport

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Objectives, role and functions of National Committees

The Association encourages the creation of National Committees to represent the Association at national level, help to intensify involvement in the Association's activities and disseminate results and recommendations more widely.

The National Committees

and equivalent organizations will serve the country or countries concerned by:

  • providing a national or international regionalfocus for the activities of the Association;
  • channelling information from the Association to a national audience;
  • channelling information on the national or regional situation to an international audience through the Association;
  • identifying and proposing to their First Delegates specialists to participate in the work of the Association's Technical Committees and supporting them;
  • holding seminars on topics related to or concerning PIARC activities in their countries or jointly with other countries in the region;
  • ensuring that national membership administration tasks are carried out for the Association. In this case, the Association will share subscription income with National Committees or equivalent organisations.

PIARC will recognize an organization

as a National Committee or equivalent organisation if the Executive Committee is satisfied that it:

  • is recognised by the relevant member national government or governments to be qualified to act as the National Committee particularly in regard to dissemination of the Association's outputs and holding of seminars;
  • has an institutional character which will allow it to have a continuous relationship with the international activities of the Association in a way that is consistent with the mission and values of the Association;
  • is active in (or has a viable plan for) channelling international information on road-related issues to its interested national organisations, collective and individual members.