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XIIIth International Winter Road Congress Proceedings - Quebec 2010

Quebec, February 8-11, 2010

The XIIIth International Winter Road Congress was held in QuebecFebruary 08-11, 2010, under the theme "Sustainable Winter Service for Road Users”.

This congress was organized by the Ministry of Transport of Quebec, which was responsible for the organization of the congress, in close collaboration with the World Road Association, which was responsible for defining the content of the congress.

  1. Proceedings of Quebec 2010 Congress available online!
  2. Congress Proceedings on DVD
  3. Congress Topics - Quebec 2010
  4. XIIIth International Winter Road Congress video
  5. Routes/Roads Magazine N° 345 and 346

Proceedings of Quebec 2010 Congress available online!

The Final Proceedings DVD of the XIIIth international Winter Road Congress is available as a dedicated website at the following address: https://proceedings-quebec2010.piarc.org/

Fifteen years after the XXth World Road Congress of the World Road Association in Montreal in 1995, Quebecers invited the world to experience winter service in Quebec. This congress welcomed more than 1,500 participants from 44 registered countries.

Preparing this Congress required the participation of several key players. The Organizing Committee and the Technical Committee B5 collaborated with several stakeholders to make this Congress a scientific gathering that will benefit the entire international road community interested in winter service. 

Organizing Committee President, Mr. Michel Boivin, Québec’s Deputy Minister of Transport, was able to count on the support of several branches within his department and especially the Québec 2010 Office, the standing secretariat for this Congress, in order to ensure that the work was completed on time.

Congress Proceedings on DVD

The World Road Association makes available the Proceedings of Quebec Congress on DVD:

Congress Topics - Quebec 2010

"Sustainable Winter Service for Road Users”

The technical component of the congress was divided into 30 sessions and 6 topics. A total of 111 presentations were made by speakers from over 20 countries. Three poster sessions accompanied the technical sessions. A total of 65 posters were centrally exhibited. Rounding out the technical component were 7 technical visits attended by some 500 delegates. The tours showcased Québec expertise at facilities as diverse as a snow-melting center and a traffic management center.


  • Topic 1. Winter Service Planning , Management and Implementation
  • Topic 2. Safety and Mobility in Winter 
  • Topic 3. Winter Service Information Systems
  • Topic 4. Snow and Ice Control Techniques and Technologies
  • Topic 5. Winter Service and Sustainable Transportation
  • Topic 6. Winter Service and Climate Change Impacts

XIIIth International Winter Road Congress video

Routes/Roads Magazine N° 345 and 346