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The World Road Association aims to develop international cooperation and promote progress in the fields of road and road transport

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The magazine Routes/Roads

Routes/Roads is an informational magazine. The articles present analysis, summaries, recommendations or states of practice in a country covering subjects of topical interest in the theme of roads and road transport.

You can download the last issues by creating a visitor account:

  • N° 393 — Calgary 2022 - The Honourable Mentions: click here
  • N° 392 — Winter Service and Resilience: click here
  • N° 391 — Autonomous Vehicles: click here

Technical reports

PIARC Technical Committees unite experts from numerous areas including road safety and design, network operations and maintenance, finance and governance. Technical Committees are tasked with producing reports on best practice and recommendations in their respective fields thereby assisting decision makers, road engineers and research engineers.

Here are the last publications on Road Tunnels:

  • Maintenance and Traffic Operation of Heavily Trafficked (Urban) Road Tunnels: Download here
  • Improving Road Tunnel Resilience, Considering Safety and Availability: Download here
  • Impact of New Propulsion Technologies on Road Tunnel Operations and Safety - Case Studies: Download here

Road Tunnels Manual

The new version of the Manual has four main parts:

  • Strategy and General Design
  • Safety
  • Equipment and Systems
  • Operations and Maintenance.

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