Proceedings of International Seminars

Proceedings of PIARC International Seminars

Chandigarh (India) - March 2008

In addition to World Road Congresses and International Winter Road Congresses, PIARC organizes international seminars at regional level:

  • To better identify the needs of developing countries and countries in transition,
  • To facilitate exchanges and knowledge transfer involving more participants from these countries. 

Proceedings of International Seminars / Workshops 2012-2015

Strategic Theme 1 - Management and Performance

Risk Management in Traffic and Road Operations 1.5

12 March 2015
Adelaide (Australia)

Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Technologies and Inputs from ITS in Network Operations 1.5 - 2.1

12-13 November 2014
Xi'an (China)

Highway & Roads Financing 1.2

09-10 July 2014
Santiago (Chile)

Road Risk Management 1.5

28 May 2014
Milan (Italy)

Road Sustainability and Green Technology 1.3

22-24 April 2014
Bali (Indonesia)

Experience Gained in PPP Projects in Road Sector - The Way Forward 1.2

11-12 November 2013
New Delhi (India)

Risk Management for Highway Infrastructure 1.5

09-11 October 2013
Merida (Mexico)

Performance and Governance of Road and Transport Administrations 1.1

24-26 September 2013
Arusha (Tanzania)

Risk And Emergency Management For Road 1.5

29-30 May 2013
Osaka (Japan)

Strategic Theme 2 - Access and Mobility

The problem of Freight Transport by road in Africa 2.3

14-15 May 2015
Yaoundé (Cameroon)

Mobile Road Surface Condition Measurements in Winter 2.4

11 March 2015
Helsinki (Finland)

Improving Mobility in Urban Areas 2.2

05-06 November 2014
Makassar (Indonesia)

Rural Roads Maintenance 2.5

27-29 November 2013
Durban (South Africa)

Urban Mobility, Roads Operation and ITS Applications 2.1

06-07 November 2013
Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Freight Transport 2.3

28-30 October 2013
Montevideo (Uruguay)

Winter Road in High Mountain and extreme zones 2.4

04-07 June 2013
Santiago de Chile (Chile)

Sustainable Maintenance of Rural Roads 2.5

28-30 November 2012
San Salvador (El Salvador)

Strategic Theme 3 - Safety

Binational Mountainous Road Tunnel Operations 3.3

15-17 April 2015
San Juan (Argentina)

Road Safety National Policies and Programs 3.1

11-12 November 2013
Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Sustainable Road Tunnel Operations 3.3

23-25 October 2013
Da Nang (Viet Nam)

Building Road Safety Capacity 3.2

02-04 October 2013
Warsaw (Poland)

Long Tunnels: challenges for design, construction and operations 3.3

17-19 October 2012
Santiago de Chile (Chile)

Strategic Theme 4 - Infrastructure

Maintenance of Bridges 4.3

28-30 May 2015
Bucharest (Romania)

Strategies and Methods to Ensure Long Service Life of Pavements 4.2

10-12 November 2014
Quito (Ecuador)

Slope and Road Foundation Drainage and Stormwater Management 4.4

09-13 November 2014
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Long Span Bridge - Construction, Maintenance, and Disaster Resistance Techniques 4.3

23-25 October 2014
Shanghai (China)

Earthworks and Pavements in Arid and Semi-arid Zones 4.4

09-10 June 2014
Rabat (Morocco)

Road Infrastructure Management - Current Practice and Development Prospective 4.1

31 March - 02 April 2014
Cancun (Mexico)

Proceedings of International Seminars / Workshops 2009-2011

 Sustainability of the Road Transport System

Sustainable Maintenance of Rurals Roads A.4

10-12 March 2011
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

Reducing the Carbon Footprint in Road Construction A.1

17-19 February 2011
New Dehli, India

Sustainable maintenance of Rural Roads A.4

21-23 January 2010
Hyderabad, India

Environment and sustainable Transport A.1

16-18 September 2009
Timisoara, Romania

Public-Private Partnerships in the Road Sector A.2

13-14 October 2009
Osaka, Japan

Road-toll policies applied or planned in Central
and Eastern European Countries A.3 

6-7 May 2009
Budapest, Hungary

Financing of road infrastructures A.2

14 April 2009
Rabat, Morocco

Improving Provision of Services

Roads and Highways: optimising services for customer B.1-B.2

25-27 April 2011
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Improved Mobility in Urban Areas, Freight and Intermodality B.3-B.4

13-14 April 2011
Santiago de Chile, Chile

Management of Winter Service in an Extreme Continental Climate Country B.5

6-8 April 2011
Ulaanbaator, Mongolia

Human Resources Management, Governance and Public Procurement B.1

8-10 December 2009
Bamako, Mali

Environment and sustainable Transport B.4

16-18 September 2009
Timisoara, Romania

Technical Solution for Sustainable Winter Service B.5

7-9 October 2009
Hradec Králové, Czech Rep.

Traffic management in urban areas and application of ITS B.2-B.3

10 July 2009
Tokyo, Japan

Safety of the Road System

Risk and Emergency Management for Roads C.3

11-13 November 2010
Beijing, China

Road Tunnels and Dangerous Goods - QRA Model C.4

26 January 2010
Paris, France

Managing Risk in Road Operations C.3

5-7 November 2009
Iasi, Romania

Promoting Road Safety for Vulnerable Road Users C.1 C.2

25-27 October 2009
Capetown, South Africa

Quality of Road Infrastructure

Latest Advancements In Concrete Pavement Design And Construction D.2

9-10 May 2011
Buenos-Aires, Argentina

Geotechnics and unpaved roads D.4

29-30 October 2009
Cotonou, Benin

Maintenance Techniques to improve Pavement Performance D.2

24-26 August 2009
Cancún, Mexico

Proceedings of International Seminars / Workshops 2005-2008

Sustainability of the Road Transport System

Road maintenance techniques and financing methods A.2

2-3 December 2008
Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)

Governance and Management of the Road System

Sustainable road financing and investment C1.2

16-20 April 2007
Arusha (Tanzania)

STI and road safety C1.4 & C3.1

11-13 April 2007
Santiago de Chile (Chile)

Development of institutional capacities, human resources management and good governance C1.3

21-23 March 2007
Cotonou (Benin)

ITS in the network operation C1.4

14-16 August 2006
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Good governance, institutional integrity and human resources management for road administrations C1.3

20-22 October 2005
Varsovie (Poland)

Road pricing with emphasis on financing, regulation and equity C1.1 & C1.2

11-13 April 2005
Cancún (Mexico)

Sustainable Mobility

Freight transport in landlocked developing and transition countries C2.4

6-8 September 2006
Ulaanbatar (Mongolia)

Sustainable development and road transport C2.1 
Interurban roads and integrated interurban transport C2.2

8-12 May 2006
Monterrey (Mexico)

Maintenance of rural roads C2.5

20-21 April 2006
Rabat (Morocco)

Sustainable access and local resource solutions C2.5

28-30 November 2005
Siem Reap (Cambodia)

Freight transport and intermodality for Western African countries C2.4

13-15 June 2005
Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)

Safety and Road Operations

Risk management for roads C3.2

3-4 May 2007
Cartagena (Colombia)

STI and road safety C3.1 & C1.4

11-13 April
Santiago de Chile (Chile)

Quantitative risk assessment model for dangerous goods transport through road tunnels C3.3

1st February 2007
Paris (France)

Road tunnel operations - Management and safety C3.3

18-20 October 2006
Chongqing (P.R. China)

Improving the safety of road infrastructures C3.1

11-13 October 2006
Lomé (Togo)

Risk management for roads C3.2

26-28 April 2006
Hanoi (Vietnam)

Safety and operation of road tunnels C3.3

27-28 March 2006
San Juan (Argentina)

Road safety C3.1

18-20 October 2005
Pékin (P.R. China)

Safe and efficient winter maintenance practices C3.4

22 September 2005
Riga (Latvia)

Quality of Road Infrastructure

Road asset management C4.1

19-21 March 2008
Chandigarh (India)

Adapting road earthworks to the local environment C4.5

31 May-2 June 2007
Iasi (Romania)

Road pavement maintenance C4.3

18-20 April 2007 
La Habana (Cuba)

Automated detection of pavement cracking C4.2

13 August 2006
Québec (Canada-Québec)

Maintenance of rural roads

20-21 April 2006
Rabat (Morocco)

Monitoring and managing paved and unpaved roads C4.2

21-22 February 2006 
Bamako (Mali)

Urban pavements C4.3

21-22 September 2005
Cracovie (Poland)

Proceedings of International Seminars / Workshops 2001-2002

Road technology

Road pavement recycling C7/8

10-11 October 2002
Warsaw (Poland)

Appropriate use of natural materials in road C12

18-21 June 2002
Ulaan Baator (Mongolia)

Management and administration of the road system

Road management within an integrated
transport system C6-C9-C11-C15

1st November 2001
Coolum (Australia)

Appropriate levels of road and road transport development

Rural transport, key element of the development C3-C20

15-16 May 2002
Siem Reap (Cambodia)

Road Bridges

Management of Road Bridges in Asian Countries D11

12-13 June 2002
Bangkok (Thailand)