Road asset management

Chandigarh (India), 19-21 March 2008

Seminar organised by the PIARC Technical Committee 4.1 "Road Asset Management" and the Punjab Government, in association with the Indian Roads Congress.

More than 255 persons from 20 countries participated in this seminar.

Technical session 1

Road asset management in general

Jaro Potucek (Sweden) 

PIARC report asset management practice

Jan Jansen (Denmark)

Integrated approach to maintenance of N-S expressway in Malaysia

Chin Chi Haw (Malaisie)

Tertiary road management in developing countries

Robert Petts (UK)

Developing asset management systems

Satyakam Sahu (India)

Technical session 2

PIARC report performance indicators

Louw Kannemeyer (South Africa)

Road condition survey and road assets valuation

Laszlo Gaspar (Hungary)

Data collection strategies in Malaysia

Kamal Ahmad Safry (Malaysia)

Performance indicators in long term maintenance contracts

S.C. Sharma (India)

Road asset management services

Gary Warren (Australia)

Technical session 3

Management systems and tools in a concession company

Ghislaine Baillemont (France)

Management systems and tools for rural roads

D.P. Gupta (India)

RIS for Indian national highways

S.S. Chakraborty (India)

Property and asset management in public sector

Kevin Roman (South Africa)

Technical session 4

Performance based road contracts

Jaro Potucek (Sweden)

Long term OPRC, risk definition, allocation and mitigation

Yitzhak Kamhi (Israel)

Performance based contracts in New Zealand

Tony Porter (New Zealand)

Performance based contracts in Sub Saharan region

Graham Williams (France)

The Seminar