Vulnerable Road Users on Rural Highways: A South African Perspective

Available publications, guidelines and manuals on road safety tend to relate to Vulnerable Road Users in the context of high income or developed countries (HICs). However, the factors affecting road safety in low and middle-income countries (LMICs) does not always align with the experience in HICs. These factors may include the standard of road infrastructure, general maintenance practices, availability of different transport modes, law enforcement and general road user behaviour. This article highlights road safety challenges from a South African perspective, with a specific focus on vulnerable road users.

  • Information sheet

    • Date: 2018
    • Author(s): Robertson Steven
    • Domain(s): Road Safety
    • Type: RR376 - Features
    • PIARC Ref.: RR376-050
    • Number of pages: 7
  • This article has been published in the Routes/Roads magazine

    N° 376

    1er trimestre 2018 / Mars

    Sécurité routière

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