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XIIth International Winter Road Congress Proceedings - Torino 2006

Torino (Italy), March 27-30, 2006

The XIIth International Winter Road Congress was held in TorinoMarch 27-30, 2006, under the theme "Ensuring mobility for road users in winter”.

The development of the technical programme was under the responsibility of PIARC Technical Committee 3.4 (TC  3.4) on Winter Road Maintenance. The Italian Organising Committee (IOC ) was responsible for the logistical aspects and the management of the facilities at the Lingotto Congress Centre in Turin with the exhibition.

  1. Congress Proceedings on DVD
  2. Congress Topics - Torino 2006
  3. XIIth International Winter Road Congress video
  4. Routes/Roads Magazine N° 331

Congress Proceedings on DVD

Four years after Sapporo ( Japan), the city of Turin (Italy) hosted the XIIth edition of th e PIARC International Winter Road Congress. The technical sessions included a large number of oral presentations, with a total of 120 papers distributed over the themes of the Congress. The technical programme was divided into six topics that were spread into 24 separate sessions with 4 sessions running concurrently. A total of 130 documents from 18 countries were presented, 114 orally and a further 16 as posters. Japan distinguished itself once again with the number of papers it presented.

Congress Topics - Torino 2006

"Ensuring mobility for road users in winter”

The PIARC Technical Committee 3.4 on Winter Roads (TC 3.4) evaluated the abstracts and then the full papers of the Congress. A total of 114 oral papers and 16 poster presentations from 18 countries illustrated the Congress theme, which was divided into six topics.


  • Topic 1. Strategies, Levels of Service and Standards
  • Topic 2. Performance and Financing 
  • Topic 3. Safety and Mobility in winter
  • Topic 4. Environment
  • Topic 5. Winter Maintenance Management Systems
  • Topic 6. Snow and Ice Control Technologies

XIIth International Winter Road Congress video

Routes/Roads Magazine N° 331