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Hazardous materials in tunnels: Take part in DG-QRAM software training!

Published on 23 January 2024.

A training session on the DG-QRAM software (Quantitative Risk Assessment Model for Dangerous Goods Transport through Road Tunnels) is scheduled to take place in Paris from 13 to 14 May 2024.

To mark the release of the latest version of DG-QRAM, the Quantitative Risk Assessment Model for Dangerous Goods Transport through Road Tunnels, PIARC is organising a training session on the software in conjunction with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The training session will be held in Paris on 13 and 14 May 2024. Trainees can attend regardless of their level or the version of DG-QRAM they have (from version 3.60).

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Practical information:

  • Duration: 1.5 days
  • Dates: 13 May (afternoon) and 14 May (all day)
  • Location: Paris
  • Price: €1,380 excluding VAT
  • Language: English
  • Website: click here

Note: QRAM software is required to take part in the course.

Would you like to buy QRAM software?

You can buy the latest version of the software here!

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Further information: