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Help our Task Force in their research by answering a survey about new mobility!

8 November 2022

[Deadline] 12 December 2022

The Task Force 2.1 launches a survey on the theme of “New Mobility and its impact on Road Infrastructure and Transport”.

>> Answer the survey by 12 December <<

By participating to this survey, you will enable our Working Group to further research the impact of new and emerging Automated/Autonomous, Connected, Electric and Shared (ACES) technologies, concepts and services on road infrastructure and transport.

The aim of Task Force 2.1 is to investigate what impact these new forms of mobility are expected to have on the design, operation, and maintenance of physical and digital road infrastructure over the next 30 years. Their focus is on identifying challenges and opportunities, social implications, as well as good practices transport organisations can adopt in responding to these system disruptors. To this end, this survey will enable to make practical recommendations that transport organisations can incorporate in their road planning, design, investment, management, regulation, operation, and maintenance activities.

The objective of this survey is to access a wide range of expertise and knowledge from across different countries and regions of the world to ensure our work is well informed, up to date, and useful to the widest possible audience.

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