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Bridging the gap

  • Date : 2009
  • Author(s) : CULLEN Bob / HORSLEY John / McCARROLL Joel
  • Domain(s) : Road Assets Management / Road Bridges
  • PIARC Ref. : RR341-072
  • Number of pages : 8

After the collapse of the Interstate 35W (I-35W) Bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota, this article describes the American challenges when it comes to the design, construction, maintenance and safety of bridges. It also underlines the necessity of a national commitment to bridge investment for long-term success.

This article has been published in the Routes/Roads magazine

N° 341

Transport et mondialisation - Banque mondiale : stratégie des transports - Les ponts aux États-Unis

1er trimestre 2009 / Janvier

Bilingual French / English
Bridging the gap
Jeter un pont vers l'avenir

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