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Mitigation of negative impacts of increased movement of freight

  • Date : 2008
  • Author(s) : Comité technique 2.4 Transport de marchandises et intermodalité / Technical Committee 2.4 Freight Transport and Intermodality
  • Domain(s) : Freight Transport
  • PIARC Ref. : 2008R13EN
  • ISBN : 2-84060-213-X
  • Number of pages : 175

Roads remain the predominant mode of transport for freight in the world. The negative impacts are often stigmatized and the concern for sustainable development requires in particular, promotion of mitigation measures. This report provides an overview of initiatives, research projects and recent technical innovations in the world, in view of mitigating the negative impacts of freight transport. This covers governmental policies, road network management and operations, multi-modality and vehicle engineering. The second part of this report is dedicated to road safety of goods vehicles. Accident data from different countries is compared in order to identify trends in the conditions under which goods vehicles are involved in traffic accidents and to make recommendations.

English Version:
Mitigation of negative impacts of increased movement of freight

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French version:
Atténuation des impacts négatifs de l'intensification de la circulation des marchandises

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