Systems and equipment for fire and smoke control in road tunnels

This report complements the PIARC report published in 1999 "Fire and Smoke Control in Road Tunnels". After a presentation of the basic principles of smoke and heat progress at the beginning of a fire, the report presents the safety concepts for tunnel fires. It draws the lessons from the fires which occurred in the Mont-Blanc, Tauern and Saint-Gothard tunnels. The role of transverse and longitudinal ventilation is presented. The question of emergencies exits and escape route is addressed in detail, from their design point of view but also regarding the methods for warning and guiding tunnel users. The latest technological advancements in automatic fire detection and suppression are presented and discussed.

The report presents recommendations on the design criteria for the resistance to fire for road tunnel structures.

The report reviews the topics that need to be considered regarding operational responsibilities for emergencies, in particular those relating to the response by emergency services.

A detailed bibliography and technical appendices on various topics including smoke dampers supplement this report and makes it the authoritative reference document in the world on these issues.

Information sheet

  • Date: 2007
  • Author(s): Comité technique 5 Tunnels routiers / Technical Committee 5 Road Tunnels
  • Domain(s): Road Safety / Road Tunnel Operations
  • PIARC Ref.: 05.16.BEN
  • ISBN: 2-84060-189-3
  • Number of pages: 344

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