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A journey to the Land of covered bridges

  • Date : 2005
  • Author(s) : LEFRANCOIS Jean
  • Domain(s) : Road Assets Management / Road Bridges
  • PIARC Ref. : RR327-074
  • Number of pages : 10

The vast areas of Québec which have been settled contain many rivers and tributaries. This natural partition of the new land forced colonists and their descendants to construct numerous bridges. Our ancestors, employing ingenuity rather than engineering, adopted a design that was seen as durable, the covered bridge. Quebec has 88 wooden covered bridges,which represents 57% of Canada's.

This article has been published in the Routes/Roads magazine

N° 327

Tarification routière - PPP en Espagne - Plates-formes logistiques - Terminologie

3e trimestre 2005 / Juillet

Bilingual French / English
A journey to the Land of covered bridges
Voyage au pays des ponts couverts

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