A Conceptual Performance Indicator Framework for the Road Sector

This paper deals with two strategic themes that the PIARC committee C15 on the Performance of Road Administrations was given to examine, namely: to propose an effective performance management framework and to identify internationally comparable measures of performance of the road system and road administrations. The paper develops performance measures for economic, social, health/safety and environmental outcome areas and shows that the importance of each outcome area depends on the stage at which road network development has reached. Finally, it proposes a set of measures of total factor productivity as delivery indicators for the Road Administration.

Information sheet

  • Date: 2004
  • Author(s): Comité technique 15 Performance des Administrations routières / Technical Committee 15 Performance of Road Administrations
  • Domain(s): Governance of Road Authorities
  • Type: Bilingual English-French, published in October 2004
  • PIARC Ref.: 15.07.BEN
  • ISBN: 2-84060-171-0
  • Number of pages: 80

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