PIARC CD on Terminology 2000

This CD-ROM contains the PIARC Technical Dictionary of Road Terms and Lexicon of Road and Traffic Engineering and other specialized dictionaries and glossaries. It enables the simultaneous consultation of several dictionaries in three languages maximum.

Abbreviations, synonyms, grammatical attributes, definitions, illustrations and notes on the geographical origin of synonyms (if they are indicated in the first database).

The CD-ROM contains a French and an English version of Internet Explorer 5.

Loading of updates is not possible anymore. From 2005, consultation of dictionaries and glossaries will be done directly on line on PIARC website and these documents will be regularly updated.

This service is reserved to PIARC members. Those persons who purchased the CD-ROM will be able to consult free of charge on Internet for one year as soon as they can justify their purchase. Afterwards, they shall become member of PIARC to keep enjoying this service.

Information sheet

  • PIARC Ref. : CD-TerminoEN
  • Price member: Epuisé / Out of print / Agotado

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